Bold What Is True

You are in your 20s

You are in High School

You have kissed someone

You are in a relationship 

Someone has broken your heart

You prefer pens over pencils

You are organized

You are social

You would rather keep to yourself in public

You would rather have lots of friends than a few good friends

You are wearing a black shirt right now

You are going somewhere today

You woke up after 10 today

You worked out today

You have a best friend

You prefer reading a real book than eBooks

You enjoyed Primary School

You were born before 9/11

Your phone is beside you right now

You hate apples

The last thing you drank was water

You have a friend you have never met

You have gone to work/school in the past week

You like potato chips

You are a vegetarian

You have worn sunscreen in the past 24 hrs

Your hair is above your shoulders

You have blonde hair

You have brown eyes

You are wearing shoes right now

You are eating something right now

You wish you were

You play an instrument 

You play a string instrument

You are athletic

You are sad right now

You are tired

you would prefer a beach vacation over a mountain vacation

You prefer summer over winter

It is autumn right now

You have been swimming this week

You hate surprises

You can keep a secret

You are listening to music right now

You have an older sibling

Cats are better than dogs

You hate Justin Bieber

You live somewhere that is relatively hot

Your favourite color is purple

You act younger than your age

Someone has told you that you are beautiful/ handsome

And you believed them

You have cried this week

You are mad at someone right now

You are procrastinating right now

You are a ‘glass half full person’

You have eaten ice cream in the past 24 hours

You are envious of someone

You are 14 or younger

Someone has told you they love you in the past 24 hours

You have to go to work tomorrow

You have a crush on a celebrity

You are/were in a club/organization in school

You have seen an eclipse

You are a heavy sleeper

You are scared of heights

You have hugged someone in the past 24 hrs.

You prefer cooking over baking

You have talked to your best friend today

 You have heard your favourite song in public or on the radio

You had a bad dream last night

You have travelled outside of the country you live in

You have been to a concert before

You have seen your favourite band/ artist in concert

You have a tattoo

You have more than one piercing

You hope to get a tattoo/ piercing in the future

You have braces

You are an artist

Your last name starts with an S

Your first name starts with a B

You have heard your favourite song in the past 24 hrs

The shirt you are currently wearing has words on it

You have a bad habit

You like to work out

You love classical music

You are using your phone right now

You are by yourself

Your favorite food is pizza

You don’t drink soda

You are an Aquarius


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