Breaking news — VonDerrit Myers Jr. was killing yesterday (10/08) by an OFF-DUTY officer. he was shot #16times.

Video surveillance shows VonDerrit Myers was unarmed.

  1. Read more about VonDerrit Myers here.
  2. Here,
  3. Here,
  4. Here,
  5. And here.

Stupid post. Of all the fuck ups by the police you guys choose the dumbest shit to be angry about and bring attention to.

You cant see in his pockets, you cant see his sides or his front and this does nothing to prove he didnt get the gun afterwards. He has priors for resisting arrest and unlawful use of a gun (felony 3 months ago) and was out on bond and the police recovered the gun (9mm ruger) he used (which he STOLE) to shoot at the officer 3 times before the officer returned fire and killed him. He was also on house arrest and was on an electronic monitor.


Go to the link
Hit case files search
Put the following “1422-CR02533-01” without quotation
Hit the number to the left of his name
Hit the tab “charges judgements and sentences”

>muh facts dont matter waa racis police

Here is a pic from his weapons charge

Link to full size version

And here is the page for his charges if the above instructions were to complex for you retards

A tweet and report on the shooting


Another case of idiot sjw’s jumping the gun and assigning blame instead of sitting back and waiting for an investigation to happen. Theres already a candle light vigil planned lmao and a memorial page on facebook lel.


As for shooting 16 times. People dont seem to realize most shots in the moment with adrenaline and fast reactions etc means you will miss most of your shots. FBI says police miss about 80% in live shootings. Also police are taught to shoot until threat is down and you shoot to always kill, never to wound threaten or injure. Always to kill. Its not hard to shoot your entire magazine in a couple of seconds. Most police carry 9mm .45acp or .40 S&W in full size pistols. The average capacity for these guns are around 15-21 standard not including the +1-+3 base plates for magazines. People act like this guy stood there shooting and reloading his gun several times for 30sec.

To recap:

>off duty cop working security sees 3 males and approaches them to ask questions
>they immediately take off running
>he follows one who then pulls a stolen gun and shoots at the cop
>cop returns fire killing the guy
>physical evidence of the dead guy having the gun and firing it
>prior arrest for firearms offenses
>out on bail at the time of the shooting
>on house arrest and electronic monitoring at the time of the shooting
>people and social media come to the defense of the “innocent kid”

Its Trayvon Martin muh skittles 2.0 sandwich edition, the Michael Brown “hes a good boy” remix.

I swear you people are so fucking retarded.

This all comes days after several ferguson officers were shot including an off duty officer at a park by 4 black males and a female officer by 2 black males trying to break into a store and other on the highway. And days before a 4 day long “civil and peaceful” protest for Michael Brown. And we all know how “civil and peaceful” those are.

And if any of you missed it last night, people gathered to protest the shooting moments after it happened and were yelling about killing cops and tearing shit up (the way they burned down their stores lmao while begging for them to open back up with threats of more looting if they didnt) with the crowd even spitting on several officers and punching and kicking police cars and even breaking the back window of a police car.


I swear the only reason why these degenerates get away with shit like this is because they are black and the left and media and the social media have it in their minds that everything about their shitty behavior and life is the white mans fault and they can do no wrong and how this is all brave and courageous on their end to destroy themselves and act like fools. Meanwhile everyone just watches and coddles them trying to justify it all. No way in hell all this would be the same if they were all white. None of the looting and shit would not have even happened, but if it did, no one would be on their side and no way in hell the police would just sit back.

Disgusting. Bowing to public and media pressure and opinion and politics. Same with Trayvon and Brown.

>inb4 racist

Shape the fuck up all of you and take some god damn responsibility for once.


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