I just screamed “Oooooh” out loud at this.

I wonder how many kids on Tumblr actually know this reference?

I actually don’t get this, anoyone mind enlightening me on the subject?

If you look up the Chappaquiddick incident online, you’ll find a lot of reading material, but long story short, Ted Kennedy was at a party, and when he left, he didn’t leave alone. His late brother Robert’s secretary or whatever by the name of Kopechne was with him. Well, he drove recklessly over a bridge and landed the car upside down in the water. He was able to get out, and he claimed to have tried to get her out, but he couldn’t, and he left.
He went to get his friends, and they supposedly tried, and then he swam across the river or whatever it was to his hotel. During all of this, he didn’t report the accident.
In fact, he only reported it the next morning, and that was because divers had seen the car and reported it.
It turns out Kopechne lived for several hours in the submerged car, and only died of suffocation when the air ran out. They found her with her hands clawed at the floor of the backseat, holding herself in place. If Teddy had gone for help within an hour or so, she would have made it out alive.
Then they rushed the burial without an autopsy, and the family denied an exhumation. An exhumation was requested because of some blood on Kopechne’s blouse, and possibly because she died without panties, but I’m not sure of the latter. I do believe personally that the Kennedys gave them the nice little $91,000 payment (other than the insurance payment) for this.
An official inquest was also made, but no other charges other than leaving the scene of an accident were filed, and the inquest was actually kept on the DL because the Kennedys requested it.

There once was a senator from mass,
He went in search of some ass,
He lucked out and found it,
Then fucked up and drowned it, and that was the end of his ass.


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