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the victoria secret models don’t even look human??

The Victoria’s Secret models worked their butt off to look like that, so don’t degrade people on their hard work. All the women in this post are beautiful.


Literally shut up

It is literally the Victoria Secret model’s job to look like that and it is a full time job. Every single woman pictured here is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t be an asshole.

There is one thing every woman in these pictures has in common: They all look good in their underwear. Sorry but I’m just as skeptical of Dove’s “real beauty” campaign. It seems to be mostly based around lying to and deluding women, as well as preying on gullible ladies with bafflingly low self-esteem. Have you ever seen some of their commercials and experiments? The whole thing comes off as “don’t worry ladies! We know you all think you’re hideous hags with zero self-worth, but Dove (the almighty cosmetics company) is here to save the day! Don’t let magazines tell you who you are, let US tell you who you are! And please don’t get so self-confident that you don’t feel like you still need our products to be beautiful! That’d be bad… Also men don’t have problems with their self image and they aren’t dopes who think a sticker makes them confident and then are shocked to find out that it’s just a sticker :D” The message of all these campaigns is the same: physical beauty is all that matters and you should follow our company’s particular definition of it.

exactly Dove does not give a shit about any of this. Look at another company owned by their mother company. Axe. See all the thin hot girls falling all over the guys?? yeah all of this is marketing. Nothing else

I hate OP’s attitude. The songs ‘All About That Base’ and ‘Anaconda’ are all about being comfortable with large booty, about being happy with who you are, but then in the same breath they say “fuck those skinny bitches”. Body-shaming hypocrites. 


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