This man’s face

You can tell she has a Tumblr.

his face is my hero

there was a doctor at the end of this video who I wish with all my heart had more time to speak because he was about to lay down some serious stuff and was not having any of those idiots bullshit.

From the same video.

“It’s really hard to exercise.” 

When TiTP meets reality and realizes there isn’t a ‘report’ or ‘block’ button outside of their echo chamber.

This is awesome!!!

This is why I’m against the whole ‘body-positive’ movement. It creates lazy morons who don’t understand that being overweight is unhealthy. Next thing you know these women are going to complain because the people telling them the truth are white males.

I’m currently trying to lose some weight (because I gained like 30 pounds over the summer) but you won’t see me blaming everyone for something I chose to do. It isn’t society’s fault, it’s my fault. (I’ve lost 20 so far by the way :D)

Good on ya, mate! 66% to your previous condition is nothing to sneeze at.


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