MBTI Reactions to Lots of Homework

requested by amypondamypond

ENFP: *texts friends* I can’t do my homework, my books are too sad and I’m busy thinking. I just don’t look busy, but I am. It’s called multitasking, I can listen to music and work.

INFP: I want to do the creative analysis parts, but the rest of my homework is so boring… *turns on the soundtrack to an indie movie*

ESFP: “What homework?”

ISFP: *plays with pencil* *draws all over paper*

ESFJ: Hmm…well I’m finished, maybe someone else needs help with homework…

ISFJ: If I do my homework, my teacher will know I respect them. Better do it, it’ll turn out better in the end if I do it.

ENFJ: “If we all work together, we can finish the homework! You, work on the creative parts. You, make the powerpoint. You, write the summary. I’ll delegate and oversee.”

INFJ: *looks at homework* *turns on introspective music* *goes on Tumblr* *cries from feels*

ENTP: “I could get an A if I did the homework, but I have better things to do.”

INTP: “I could get an A if I did the homework, but I just don’t want to.”

ESTP: Homework is for losers. I’ll figure out how to do it at the last possible second. For now, I’m gonna have fun. *calls friends and makes plans*

ISTP: Homework isn’t important…well, maybe that one part is important. I’ll do the rest later.

ESTJ: “No such thing as a lot of homework. I worked ahead. The homework for next week is already done.”

ISTJ: *quietly finishes homework*

ENTJ: “The homework is done. Now, to do important things.”

INTJ: I’ll do the homework if it helps me in the long run…


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