I might have to reblog this everyday because the truth tea is scalding and y’all look thirsty.

Oh. Really? People starving? Hold on.. Lemme dump my wallet over Africa and maybe that will solve some problems.. Last time I checked starvation is not contagious. Ebola is.


Last I checked American tax dollars in the multi millions go to foreign aid in Africa.

Last I checked.. African warlords were still intercepting this aid and using it to feed and support their causes.

Last I checked.. African rebels were raping innocent african women so violently that some Christian doctors fly out without charge to do vaginal repairative surgery to these young women who their own society has banished because they ‘smell’. 

When you have been so violently raped that your vagina and anus tissue all but connect so that you have a mixture of feces and urine it is not going to be roses.

Last I checked.. Liberals were not talking about that.

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