Oh wow didn’t expect the end.

While I agree with the message, we should also be teaching boys that it’s okay to cry.

Boys can cry and I will hug them bc it’s okay to be sad and cry

The point of this ad (to the second commenter) is that, in telling boys they can’t cry because they will be perceived as weak, you create emotionally-stunted men whose only method of expressing themselves is through violence and aggression. In saying “man” is interchangeable exclusively with “strong”, they grow up to believe that anyone who ISN’T a man (women, queer people) IS weak, and thus they have warrant to harm them.

These things are linked.

In ending toxic masculinity, you end misogyny and queerphobia. That’s why the ad says “Start with the boys”, because at such a young age, males are susceptible to all sorts of harmful ideals. I myself was, and it’s taken me almost 20 years to wash them off, and you know what? There’s still more to do.

In creating emotionally-healthy young boys, you create an environment where men respect others who are different to them. In ending traditional masculinity, you end patriarchy.

I was ready to like this ad. Then I saw the end. Teaching boys not to cry does not ALWAYS create abusers. Do you know how often a man will cry and be “weak” and still be beating the living fuck out of a woman!?! Why do feminists do shit like this?!

I thought this was going to say something meaningful.


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