I’m not trying to be a bitch it just is bugging me not to ask you this. But did you really make that wish list to con your fans into buying you stuff? It just seems so wrong to me if that’s the case. It’s exploitation.






Yes I am a con artist who tricks and forces my fans into buying me things.
Come on, really?

People sometimes enjoy sending me things for holidays, birthdays, and occasionally just to make me happy. A lot of times people ask me if there’s anything I actually want instead of sending me something I won’t like or won’t use. Therefor I keep the wish list.

Never do I “con” people into buying me anything. I don’t NEED anything other than my fans’ love and support. And my true supporter know that.

This question really grinds my gears.

There you have it folks. If you have a wishlist you’re obviously trying to “con” people into buying you things. Yep. Because you know, wishlists come complete with mind control powers that allow you to force people to buy you things. Its totally not something they do of their own free will out of the kindness of their hearts.

Seriously though, wise the fuck up, I hate these kinds of questions and that attitude, whether its directed at me or anyone else.-_- Like do you realise how incredibly dumb you sound?

Doesn’t everyone have an Amazon wish list ?

I do. But I’ve never published it anywhere. And honestly I kind of find it weird when anyone posts it.

But that doesn’t mean those who do post theirs are conning others or brainwashing them.



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