But really. 😐

>tagged as truth bomb and too real
>hurr durr muh evil white people

Real truth bomb here

3x more men are killed in the USA than women

That more men suffer from violent crime than women

Majority of domestic violence is committed by women

40% of rapists are women

40+ studies show its common for women to sexual coercive behavior towards men through sexual assaults, sexual intimidation, and sexual violence

93% of workplace deaths are males

4x more men commit suicide than women and make up 79% of all suicide

Men get almost 2.8x more jail and prison time than women for the same crime

286 studies show women just as or more violent than men in relationships

62% of homeless single people are male

1 in 4 and 1 in 5 women are raped myth debunked

Wage gap myth debunked

Domestic violence myths debunked

10 common feminist myths debunked

Famous feminists expressing hatred of men

Feminists fight against mens rights and issues


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