Oh how the tables have turned. 

Yeah, but is he going to get raped or killed?

Men don’t seem the grasp that for women, being “harassed” isn’t a boost to their ego, it’s a threat to their safety. Look at this smug fuck. Trash.

The difference between this and the female one? The girl never once smiled when she was cat called — it was always a threat and never an invite. For a man, it’s just the opposite. And might I add….am I the only one that thinks the cat calls were staged?

>is he going to get raped or killed

Men are killed far more than women. Men get raped too. Regardless, your statement applies to the woman as well. Was she going to get raped or killed? KEK. GOOD MORNING HOW ARE YOU PREPARE TO BE RAPED.

>men dont seem to grasp etc etc

Are those generalizations about an entire gender? I can make them too. Women are all secretly attention whores who love cat calls but pretend not to like them to get even more attention :^)

>the difference between this and female one is the guy is smiling

What would you say if a man had sex with a woman who said no, but said no with a smile and the man kept advancing and fucked her? Dont a lot of you idiots say this is still rape and that no means no and yes sometimes mean no as well? Lmao. I see you equality fighters dont think the same applies to men. If a mans smile is consent or an excuse to dismiss these action then so is how a woman dresses.

muh equality! no mor duble standerds!


>waa dismiss all experiences of men because women are MORE oppressed



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