flyingonconfidence: See, I HAD a schedule, it’s laminated and on the fridge. It was for the whole house, and it worked alright, but I cut corners when I clean unless I get a wild hair up my ass and that urge to sit and scrub the tile floors with a toothbrush kind of clean. Eventually, I stopped doing the schedule thing and was like, “Meh, I can vacuum and it feels cleaner. Also, dust. Viola! I cleaned. Feels good. Now time to sit and read all day.” So, we will see how long I keep this up. I’m messy, and lazy, so that combo isn’t exactly made for great cleaning habits. However, I love routines. Love. Need them to function properly.
dancingintelligently: It just seems like a hassle to put away stuff that I use every day. It’s not, in reality, but it’s how I feel. “I’m just gonna take it out again, so I’m just gonna leave it.” And then I go on with my life. I will literally just work AROUND the mess, because it’s how I’ve learned to live. My husband HATES it.

Maybe what you need is an efficient way to store your most used utensils etc. where you use them. In my kitchen there are ceramic utensil holders on either side of the stovetop where the spatulas and cooking spoons go. Maybe something like that would help.


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