After the 2014 election there’s no doubt what people want.

For those that don’t get the colors:

Red means conservative values and smaller government.

Blue means liberal values and bigger government.

The people have spoken. Serious bummer for the minority that wanted more taxes and more complicated regulations. If you get a chance, hug a blue person today.

Unfortunately 50-60% of eligible voters didn’t vote, so let’s turn half the map gray.

Hard to understand the Christian vote for red… Jesus would be thrilled with cutting assistance to the poor. Cutting education funding for children, privatization of social security (because the stock market was so solid in 07’-08’) and continued efforts to over rule “Obamacare” because health care is a privilege, and some people are more worthy of good health and longevity than others.

All of those things are good things if they are done efficiently and effectively and don’t perpetuate laziness and a sense of entitlement. A strong work ethic and a generous spirit are both qualities of the Christ-like believer. 

Republicans take issue with the “Robin Hood” mentality of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Any time you forcibly take wealth or possessions from someone who is unwilling to give it, it’s theft. It’s wrong to spend other people’s money, and that’s a large reason that I vote republican.

Some taxes make sense. We all need roads and a national defence. But leadership in the government had better not pickpocket a portion of its citizens to pay for more and more and more programs that aren’t half as effective as normal citizens participating in the economy and being generous when needs present themselves. 

A government handout will always be 1% as effective as a community or a church or a friend or a family supporting those in need. With the government there’s no relationship. There’s no accountability. There’s no encouragement and support beyond, “We put more money on your card for this month. Don’t spend it on drugs.”

It’s a bummer that we don’t have a nation where everyone votes. But it’s worth celebrating that there are some that love freedom enough to get to the polls. 


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