I’m glad she’s done an in depth look at the catcalling video. She points out a lot of stuff which I, and many others have already considered.

  • That the video was produced by an ad company that deal with making viral videos.
  • That the video only shows two minutes of highlights, not the other 9 hours and 58 minutes.
  • That the video targets black and latino men, and she explains why and how.
  • That the street is a free public space where anyone should be allowed to speak.
  • That “hi” and “have a nice day” are not harassment.
  • That social interactions are complicated, and cannot be summed up with one two minute video.
  • That the video only shows one type of harassment, men talking to women.
  • And what kind of laws would be put in place to stop this anyway?
  • That the men doing the catcalling are rarely from good backgrounds and privileged.

Really worth a watch, it’s only five minutes long.

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