Google and Tumblr on Veterans Day 2014




(No white male – men in the background. Any other way and people would be calling for severed heads.)


(No recognition of Veterans Day. But Gay Pride week, Earth day, and Election day are entirely different stories!)



veterans day isn’t a national thing tho, Americans have veterans day, we Australians just had Remembrance day and that wasn’t on Tumblr, and i’m 100% sure it wasn’t on american google either. 

If Tumblr took into account every holiday any country ever had we would probably have like 20 things replace the dot every ten seconds.

so just think, your google is set to your country, Tumblr is not.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but here’s this from last week (USA Election day):

»”your google is set to your country, Tumblr is not”

You see, Tumblr doesn’t give a shit about Veterans day, because it’s not working to promote a socialist liberal agenda. Trying to turn out the thousands of idiots on this site to vote for whoever supports their bullshit is what Tumblr was doing last week. Trying to explain the absence of Veteran’s day recognition as Tumblr being an international website and not USA specific is a logical error. Keep in mind also, our American Veterans have not only served the US, but have helped to stabilize parts of the world that had gone to hell in a hand basket. 

» INB4 “USA soldiers are babykillers and cruel people”

Every group of people has its bad apples. Denying recognition to those who did their duty and served their nation honorably on the basis of a handful of others being despicable is just plain wrong. Fuck that.


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