Oh look, it was a fucking hoax. [source]

Not surprised. When I originally saw it I thought to myself how staged and fake this shit looked so I didnt even bother to post about it.

Sucks though how so many people saw these guys and thought of them as rapist creeps and shit because both the men and the audience were lied to so someone could cash in on these types of vids that have been popping up and to push a forced narrative. Men bad! Men evil!

And tip to ladies, when you allow yourself to get shit face drunk, its not a mans responsibility to take care of you, its yours. Its called personal responsibility and I suggest you learn it and exercise it. Dont leave your safety in a strangers hands, keep it in yours for fucks sake.

Its almost as bad as feminists insisting on teaching rapists not to rape. Criminals dont care and know what they do is wrong. Why try to educate people like this when its failed since the beginning of humanity? How will your shit work where jail hanging firing squad and executions in general have failed?


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