It’s a pretty unpopular opinion, but I’m finally ready to take the follower hit. Maybe 2 or 3 will stay.

For a while I was ok with it. Everyone said it’s an empowering song for youth. An anthem for preteen girls. A reminder that they can be themselves. That they can stand up to…

I don’t like Frozen, but I think this is kind of drastic. This review is taking the song far too out of context
But that last comment is the most wild considering that it’s the point of the film.
“We can deal with our problems without running away from them. We can handle difficult situations without isolating ourselves from friends and family.”
the wHOLE movie is Anna trying to get this* idea through to Elsa. That’s why she goes on thE JOURNEY to find her sister and bring her back.


He took it out of context because that is what’s going to happen to little kids who are singing this song. They’re going to take it out of context, apply it to their lives, and take it somewhere it wasn’t planned to go. Yes, it was originally made for a Frozen, but because little kids, who are still very easily influenced, are going to be learning this song and put it to memory, it can cause problems with disciplinary action. I think that’s where he is trying to go with this. What these words could mean to our youth and the danger of how they can be taken.

Let It Go


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