It’s interesting to read the essays people have written in defense of “Let It Go.” It seems that folks fall into one of these categories:

1) The song has a horrible message and we should stop our kids from singing it.

2) The song has a horrible message but the plot of the movie makes up for it.


, since you expressed interest in this discussion I figured you might want to see this.

But the song is not meant to be the embodiment of Frozen. The song is meant to be parallel to the film. The film reflects the feelings of someone oppressed or repressed finally having a glimpse of freedom, but still trapped. But such message is not understood if the film is not understood on its context.

Even so, the point that peterdwebb is making is that the song’s message is the one that has saturated the film’s audience, even filtering onto the airwaves of people who haven’t seen it, and that message isn’t good.

I’m assuming you read the original article, correct? One of the biggest problems I have with the song is the line “no right, no wrong, no rules for me”. Because that’s actually anti-Christian, in a sense. As Christians, we have absolute truths, absolute rights and wrongs to go by. This song thinks that rules and morals should be tossed out with an icy blast. And that’s just not right.


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