Pro-women. Pro-children. Pro-life.

This is awesome! So glad to see strong women standing up for human rights!

yeah, glad to see a woman trying to take rights away from ALL women and pregnant people because she was brainwashed into it, good to know people care more about fetuses than actual born people and have this result in more deaths due to unsafe abortions and unviable pregnancies yet still calling themselves “pro-life”, assholes. -Yar.

1. Do you know what punctuation is? Your message would make more sense if you made use of it.

2. Killing human beings is not a right. 

3. It’s interesting that you think I’ve been “brainwashed” because I have a different opinion. Do you believe all women are supposed to think the same?

4. My post up there clearly says “pro-women” and “pro-children.” I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that I would care more about one than the other. The pro-life feminist movement is centered around finding holistic, non-violent solutions for unwanted pregnancies. They work to benefit both the mother and the child, not one or the other. You don’t have to choose between them.

5. Have you actually looked up the statistics for abortions before it became legal? You’ll find that the phrase “back alley abortions” was actually used to describe the way a woman would enter the clinic (through the back alley). The abortions weren’t done in back alleys. They were performed by physicians who were actually MORE careful so as to avoid getting caught. Once abortion became legal, the number of abortions skyrocketed, and with abortion activists vehemently voting against any sort of regulation, they’ve placed politics over actually protecting women’s health. There are abortion facilities today that get inspected less often than tanning salons.

Tell me again which side is “anti-women.”

Pro-life fo’ life.



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