8 Hours From Midnight



In the next 8 hours or so I need to:

  • Polish a website for a client, who will unveil it over the next couple of days.
  • Stabilize a friend’s wedding video (4 min of video – approx. 2 hrs of stabilization/exporting)
  • Write up a take-home lab on what kinds of food I ate this weekend – 20 different plants (for botany)
  • Sleep (optional?)

And it’s midnight. 

Impossible? Nope. Time to initiate beast mode. Bring it on!

Having a Mountain Dew (throwback). Gonna regret this in the morning, I’m sure…

Well, that Mountain Dew did it. Pulled an all-nighter working on my projects. Finished polishing the website, stabilized the wedding video… now I just have to write the lab report for class and I’ll have completed my mission without sleep. And maybe I’ll have time for a nap…

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