I love my video skills.

While I was at that wedding a week ago, I managed to get good video of the father/daughter dance, from a balcony overlooking the room. Took that home, ported it into my computer, fired up my favorite video software (Adobe Premiere Pro), and started stabilizing my already-steady-but-still-handheld iPhone footage. Downloaded the album version of the song they danced to, mixed it in with the original sound for a MUCH better soundtrack, and threw in a fade to black. Tomorrow I’m going to tweak the video with filters so it looks even better, add some nice intro and outro graphics, and then export the whole thing and BOOM a surprise gift to the bride. 

Now, how many lucky young brides have a friend who will do all that off without being asked or without doing it professionally? Not many, I’ll tell you! I’m hoping she and her family feel especially blessed by this memory of her big day.

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