Feminists oddly silent on everything else..hmm..its like they dont mind their majority and monopoly women have in the first half of things, and dont mind men having most of the rest because they are too dangerous and take too much skill and hard work..

And what happens when these idiots finally start pushing themselves into computer related fields to “advance women” and “break stereotypes”? They shit all over themselves and try and force people to bend to their warped politically correct ideas because women apparently are always afraid and of everything and easily bullied and triggered.


Moron woman wants the man in charge of the project to change the name form “SexMachine” to “GenderDetector” with white knights defending her. This is a program to determine if a name (Doug, Ashley, etc) is male, female, or neutral. It determines sex. Sex is way more accurate than gender, which feminists and sjw’s champion because they claim gender also includes a billion other special snowflake retard tier sexualities and identities and genders outside male and female. LOL. HOW WOULD IT EVEN WORK.

Lets not forget feminists who shit all over a big scientific achievement to bitch about a shirt a man wore, that a female made and gave him, while these same people claim women can wear anything they want.


Also take note how much more dangerous the jobs are as the list gets more and more male dominated. And how much more money you earn doing them.

Original article here
The people who compiled the Census data
Bureau Of Labor Statistics Labor Force Numbers 2013
Bureau Of Labor Statistics Labor Force Total Population by Sex
Google docs graph of the compiled Census data
2010 Census Bureau Employed Civilians by Sex

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