Unless you want to have sex. In which case, it would be more self manipulation than self control.

Nope, that’s still self-control. Self-control is when you want something that isn’t good for you (at least at the moment) but you don’t go for it because you know better.

On what planet and or plane of existence are you living in where sex isn’t good for you.

Remind me to mark it off my ‘places to travel to’ list.

Seriously though,
It’s 20-fucking-14, if I’m a girl and I want birth control or emergency contraceptive pills I shouldn’t have to be stonewalled by conservative nut jobs.

We live in a society where amazing scientific miracles of contraceptives exist, yet for some reason a some of us refuse to acknowledge or use them.

Preaching(because that’s what it is) abstinence-only as sexual education is one of the most horribly irresponsible things you can do to impressionable minds.

Take your condescending-ass ‘self control’ pills and shove them up your ass. Don’t worry, you can’t get pregnant through there.

Woah, how long ago did I post this? I don’t at all remember posting that comment.

Again, I don’t remember writing that comment, so I’m not sure why I worded it exactly that way.

What would be more accurate to say is that self-control is knowing the appropriate time and place for things, including sex.

When you don’t want to conceive another human being, it costs you nothing and poses no threat to your body to refrain from having sex.

Sex is not bad in and of itself, but, like for everything else, there is an appropriate time and place.

This would be accurate if this was a century ago where the general consensus was that sex was for procreation. You’re totally right, it does cost nothing to not have sex.

But , uh, I want to have sex… Because I’m a human being and that’s literally our purpose in life. I want to have sex, and I don’t want my partner to get pregnant, so we use protection. And if something goes wrong, we can for the first time (safely) in history choose to not have to put her body through the rigors of pregnancy before anything remotely resembling a human being has time to form in her uterus.

I know my original post came off as ragey, and I do apologize, but I’ve had one too many friends go to try to purchase plan b ( or similar) and be given a revolting amount of difficulty in obtaining it , and I’ve seen way too many fucking doctors have their lives threatened and too many clinics bombed by maniacs.

Sex is not a crime and pregnancy is not a punishment that must be paid for said crime. To treat either ( and usually both) as such in this day and age is personally disgusting to me.

On a side note, it makes no sense to oppose both contraceptives and abortion. Brainwashing people away from condoms and birth control WILL lead to unwanted pregnancies which will lead to ( probably) unsafe abortions.

(If someone is uneducated enough to buy into the abstinence only mindset they and their families are probably republican and/or conservative , meaning they likely won’t allow them to have a safe abortion, which is very sad.)

Sex is definitely not a crime, and pregnancy is a beautiful thing. But neither of those are things to jump into without thinking things through carefully.

And in the last century, biology hasn’t changed. Pregnancy still occurs when people have sex.

No method of contraception is 100% effective except abstinence.

Also, there is no such thing as a “safe” abortion. In every “successful” abortion, a human dies.

Also this post in the first place is not saying never have sex. It’s saying you can choose not to. That means for the people demanding free contraceptives and abortion there is another option and that is not to have sex. You must be smart enough to understand that there is A LOT of irresponsible sex happening. Stds are rampant, emotions are manipulated, millions of lives are lost due to abortion, people are held as sex slaves because people can’t control themselves. Responsibility could serve to reduce those things. That doesn’t mean never have sex but it does remind us that sex is a giant responsibility and that we can’t always have the things we want. Self control, self respect and personal responsibility could make sex a lot safer in the future. It’s not abstinence only to remind people that 1. Sex is a big responsibility not to be taken lightly 2. You shouldn’t always do what you want when huge consequences are hanging over your head.

I am in no way for abstinence only education but that doesn’t mean abstinence should be cast aside. It’s a viable and good option for a lot of people. You sound foolish when you basically say “I want to have sex so I’m going to no matter what!” without understanding the depth of that decision. That’s a childish approach. Sometimes life is about not taking the instant gratification for a better long term


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