Today I missed an opportunity. Like, I literally passed it by. 

I was at a Starbucks this morning (it’s in a mall, btw), and as I was wrapping up this nice-looking young woman enters and starts to order coffee. I noticed that she reminded me of someone I knew, but I didn’t know her. I thought she was kinda cute though. I packed up and left at about the same time she did, and I ran an errand in the mall. When I left the store, I found myself walking along the length of the mall behind her. My strides were longer, and I easily caught up to her, thinking all the while that maybe I should try and make conversation. It was 10:00 in the morning, and she was wandering the mall by herself. Odd, but in a good way. But I didn’t do it. I guess I didn’t want to be a creep or anything. I ended up walking past her and then splitting off to return to my car.

Honestly, I’m disappointed in myself. There’s no good reason why I shouldn’t have tried to say hello, but I let a perfectly good opportunity slip by. I think I’ve found my 2015 New Year’s resolution, though:

In every month, I’m going to ask at least one girl out on a date, with the goal of having a date every month. During the year in which I turn 21, I will break my awkward self and become the confident, sexy man that will make everyone who ever rejected me wonder “why the hell why?”

That’s my goal.


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