15 badass Elizabeth Warren quotes prove she’s the icon Democrats have been waiting for

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She’d get my vote

Elizabeth Warren is pure evil and I am absolutely terrified of her getting elected. I would rather have 8 more years of obama. I would rather make joe biden king than have her in office for one minute. She is so scary and disgusting and I really hope all of you people idolizing her wake up before its too late. You won’t educate yourselves on the historic path to destruction we are on and you refuse to see what is going to happen and you vote these people in based on tiny sound bites and lies. What are you doing. STOP. These quotes are not even good. You are being so shallow. Learn things. Stop basing everything on .00001% of the information. Have you learned nothing from our failure of a president?????

This woman is so insane that she should be institutionalized. Her and Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. And Al Sharpton. And pretty much all of the democrats in Congress.


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