People would rather believe that a cop woke up one day and decided “fuck it I hate niggers, so I think I will kill one in front of multiple witnesses and use my white privilege to not get in trouble” instead of all the profound amounts of evidence that showed Brown as an aggressive violent person that attacked and went for a cops gun and then charged towards him.

That the Grand Jury spent like 70 days, thousands of hours, pouring through evidence and testimony and various experts only to say “eh fuck it we hate blacks right guys? Lets vote no indict” after wasting all that time.

That high ranking officials in government dont have enough pull, connections, money, influence, power or white privilege to avoid being indicted on charges of fraud or something but this low level cop peon grunt of the system somehow has everything these wealthy men didnt, and can skate away with out being indicted by the state, or in civil or federal charges.

Seriously. Get fucking real.


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