He was somebody’s child, he’s not a demon, or a monster, or a thug. He was somebody’s child

‘Thug’ is defined by your actions. Thugs rob stores. Do the math.

Even if he had done so, that doesn’t reduce his humanity, but calling him a thug is used as a justification of his murder.

I think being a thug is pretty human. Just like being a ‘good kid’ is being human. His humanity is not the issue here. The issue here are the choices he made. Mike Brown died attacking a police officer, after robbing a store (with traces of Mary Jane in his system). That’s what lead to his death, and the only thing a petty campaign against a word will accomplish will be to blur those facts and paint him wrongly as an innocent.

His death is tragic, but it happened because he made some really bad choices. And that’s what happens sometimes to people who make really bad choices, especially around cops. Don’t make it about race or label or stereotype instead. Make it about his choices. Make it about his choice to be a thug.


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