Out of curiosity, what are your opinions on the separation of church and state? I strongly support it, and feel America should remain, on a legal level, completely secular. No problems with people being religious (although , like gays, people that loudly flaunt it annoy me), but I feel like religion is something that should remain private on a person to person basis. Of course, it doesn’t help that most of the people I see flaunting their religion are usually idiots. Not you guys, though.


In my opinion, they should remain legally separate in America (where I live) but of course that opens up a whole can of worms on moral issues. They can never truly separate. Everyone should have the freedom to choose their religion, but what about issues that a completely secular government can not address? In some ways, we must keep our Christian roots. One nation under God; In God we trust: these would be eradicated by a totally secular government, and open the door to detrimental “tolerance.”
-Ivy Wolf


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