again you are doing a disservice to gun owners especially the many gun owners that are not white by insisting on taking this stance. Is there some racism and racial profiling? of course. Are there shitty cops? oh yeah. Should those things be addressed and cause anger? Absolutely. But this is childish and it doesnt address the fact police shoot unarmed white people too and thats not to mention hispanics as well and not all cops guilty of brutality or shootings are white. You also refuse to grasp the concept that when you point a gun at police they are likely to take action sometimes lethal. You reduce police brutality to a racial issue which shows your lack of either understand or caring of the actual issue at hand. So I say again your tactic seems to be race baiting, cherry picking information and flat out ignoring facts. Stop reducing victims to their race and stop pretending like this problem isn’t bigger than one race. What is it you hope to accomplish or is looking foolish your goal?


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