1. Openly carrying a gun legally (in an open-carry state) is a public display indicating that an individual does not have a criminal record. This alone undermines the basis behind racial profiling.

2. The epidemic of disproportionate force utilized against black men in America warrants an alternative, and legal, solution to this problem.

3. The vast majority of African-American men will never commit a crime, so it’s time America realizes this fact. If openly carrying a gun will help our country overcome centuries of prejudice pertaining to skin color, then it’s an option that should be pursued. 

Never thought I’d say this but Three cheers for HuffPo!

Not just black men. Anyone with proper state of mind and no criminal record should carry a gun. You want police brutality to end? This is how it happens – by standing up for yourself and being prepared.

Three Reasons Why Black Men Should Openly Carry a Gun


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