This one really gets me. In Ferguson, the “hands up, don’t shoot” story didn’t pan out. The evidence was clearly in favor of Officer Darren Wilson acting in self defense against Michael Brown. But this…I honestly don’t understand.

from NY Daily News:

In a statement released by the…

Now this one is wrong….Ferguson they got perfect, evidence proved it. But this one should have gotten the cop indicted. Now, that being said, THIS did not have to do with race either, just like Ferguson didn’t. This was a wrongful death, period. Don’t make this out to be a race issue, because this, nor Ferguson were not. Both criminals happened to be black and both cops happened to be white…nothing more.

The cop should have at least been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the very least. There was intent to kill….but according to the autopsy, the choke hold likely exacerbated a condition and caused a cardiac arrest, he was not strangled to death. He did not die at the scene, but died in the ambulance.. But, I still like to make clear, this and Ferguson, were neither one about race.
Now, they could have used the choke hold to get him down, once they did, they should have just released the hold and cuffed him. But there is also the autopsy that showed he did not have any throat damage…his hyoid bone was not broken, and none of his trachea was damaged.…/man-in-chokehold-death-had-no…

Grand jury decides no indictment for NYPD cop in Eric Garner choking death


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