Do you think the public at large needs a crash course lesson in how the American criminal justice system works, as opposed to how we THINK it should work? Most people seem to want “justice” but either don’t care about the process or cry foul every time an inquiry/trial don’t go their way.


No, it needs a crash course on critical thinking and objectivity. This would lead to what you are proposing and much more.

But people today are incapable of this and think that what they do is already critical thinking while also shitting on the idea of objectivity. Look at comments by “journalists” in regards to gamer gate. Some outright bashed the practice and belief of objectivity.


Even tradition debate is being considered racist or white privilege and is instead turning into rap freestyles and slam poetry sessions and emotional tirades and rule breaking lmao.

We are all doomed.

Rational critical thinking men are being replaced with pseudo intellectual sjw mentally stunted “social scholars” who put a filter on everything lest they get triggered or trigger someone else, who dismiss everything not politically correct.



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