Cop shootings by race/per million: 1.47 white people vs 31.17 black people. And people really want to believe that the outrage is simply over one murdered black teenager.

And people still don’t understand correlation vs causation.

Try again zubat. Race baiting propaganda has no place in a serious discussion.

age may have something to do with the discrepancy other than can alway misrepresenting things. But You can look at the stats from these places and see that for being a small part of the population black people for what ever reason you want to go in to, commit a lot of crime relative to the number of white people and that is a fact so we should stop taking the time to lie about this and start trying to fix it. 

This race-baiting shit makes me want to delete my tumblr. That and the doxxing bullshit that’s going around.


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