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What do you think feminists want to do that’s so bad? Feminism trys to: get equal pay for all genders, stop objectification of women in the media, and stop harassment/assault of women, to list a few, nothing there should be objectionable to anyone



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waterkid72, these are examples of what I have in mind when I tell you that decent people shouldn’t align themselves to the feminist movement. Because for some people feminism has been a cause of living hell.


This makes no sense

How to prevent rape:

1. Travel in packs
2. Carry a gun
3. Carry mace
4. Don’t dress like a skank – it gives you less time to defend yourself.
5. Don’t go out super late
6. Don’t look at your phone while you walk!
7. Be generally aware of your surroundings
8. Don’t go through ghetto places at night
9. Choose your friends carefully.
10. Search the Internet for other tips.

I don’t care what feminists say. They think they “shouldn’t have to” do any of this. Well, I shouldn’t have to do these things to keep from being murdered on the streets, so STFU. Feminists are so lazy. Rape happens. Murder happens. Abduction happens. Shit happens. Deal with it appropriately, and take responsibility for your own safety.


Made an info graph today..


Take one down. Pass it around.

Christian, Anti-Feminism Super-Conglomerate


This is an idea that has crossed my mind a few times in recent days.

The Setting

My friends, my followers, if you’ve been on this site for any amount of time, you know that it is an evil place, full of dark corners in which feminism lurks and grows strong. Yes, there are the entertaining fandoms, and yes there are the uplifting Christian blogs and inspirational blogs, but we know that Tumblr has a bad rap. This is rooted in a handful of things, porn and modern feminism among them. Of the two, the latter is the most destructive to the societies of first-world countries, with no positive effect anywhere else.

I see things every day about the horrors of modern feminism, and it drives me mad to think of how little impact I’m actually having. I’m sure that there are some of you who feel the same way.

But what if we could do something about it?

Tumblr is far too swamped with cats, Loki, Anime, and feminists for a solid countermeasure to take effect. However, what if a band of Tumblr bloggers came together to create the ultimate authority on feminism and anti-feminism, in the form of an entirely new website

Furthermore, what if every contributor shared the new website’s contents with all of their followers in lieu of normal anti-feminism posts? The amount of reach would be higher than any one of the contributors’ blogs individually.

What if this site were built on the most popular blogging platform today, WordPress, a system actually built for proper community engagement and content management? Tumblr’s technical issues would be of little importance, and creating new, engaging content would be easier to create.

The Approach

With the combined efforts of 5, 15, or even 30 unique bloggers, this new platform would be able to accomplish the following:

  1. Tear apart feminist ideologies with logic and facts
  2. Provide a pro-woman take from a Christian/Conservative viewpoint
  3. Discuss current events in which feminism has had a harmful effect
  4. Share anti-feminist opinions from other viewpoints (liberal, non-Christian, etc.) to promote non-partisan opposition to modern feminism
  5. Reach hundreds of thousands of people from a safe, unmoderated, and uncensored platform

Does this interest you? If you are seriously dedicated to fighting the modern, third-wave feminism that is destroying our families and our cultures, then it’s time to take the next step. Together we can bring about a force for good in the world, and become the source for a true anti-feminism movement.

The Question

We can’t do this alone. I can’t do it alone. Will you help me?


So a feminist told me the reason why men are discriminated in family court is because they think women are better caretakers and thats why they get the children more often and so its actually sexism against women.

Ok. Lets pretend the wage gap is real for a second.

“The reason why women get payed less is because employers believe men are better workers and so its really just sexism against men.”