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A few weeks ago, another former lesbian from a lesbian household came and spoke at my church on a topic much like this. This quote, “We’ve made God little if we believe He cannot change people”, explains why I HATE Macklemore’s song, ‘Same Love’, and Mary Lambert’s spin-off ‘She Keeps Me Warm’. 

I believe that people can change, and God can change people. But they have to believe it, too.

Former Lesbian Turned Christian: ‘We’ve Made God Little if We Believe He Cannot Change People’ | Christian News Network





What do you call it when individuals are forced to do work against their will?


That’s exactly what is happening on the “gay rights” front right now. With gay marriage laws falling in states across the country, the next front line for militant gay advocacy groups is to stamp out all…

The scariest part of this is the court ordering employees to undergo “diversity” training. Those not falling in line with politically correct ideologies must be “re-educated” to conform to sanctioned principles.

Reverse the situation, gay pride t-shirt company forced to print christian t-shirts, and you have a firestorm like you couldn’t imagine.

This bullshit is scary. Like, really fucking scary. “Diversity” movements need to be stopped and reevaluated, ASAP.

Slavery: Christian-owned t-shirt company ordered to print gay pride tshirts against their beliefs

I doubt that “never” is actually true, but it is incredibly rare.

But if Islam is the “religion of peace”, then that doesn’t make sense… right?


imfunnyujusthavetobelieve said: Well this sounds like a fun way to start the week.

Yeah, it would kinda suck to have a fire hit us less than two weeks after lightning destroyed a bunch of our stuff.

He didn’t accept the death penalty. He used it to accomplish His mission.

And then He rose again and defied it.

Amazing, yes?

Christian, Anti-Feminism Super-Conglomerate


This is an idea that has crossed my mind a few times in recent days.

The Setting

My friends, my followers, if you’ve been on this site for any amount of time, you know that it is an evil place, full of dark corners in which feminism lurks and grows strong. Yes, there are the entertaining fandoms, and yes there are the uplifting Christian blogs and inspirational blogs, but we know that Tumblr has a bad rap. This is rooted in a handful of things, porn and modern feminism among them. Of the two, the latter is the most destructive to the societies of first-world countries, with no positive effect anywhere else.

I see things every day about the horrors of modern feminism, and it drives me mad to think of how little impact I’m actually having. I’m sure that there are some of you who feel the same way.

But what if we could do something about it?

Tumblr is far too swamped with cats, Loki, Anime, and feminists for a solid countermeasure to take effect. However, what if a band of Tumblr bloggers came together to create the ultimate authority on feminism and anti-feminism, in the form of an entirely new website

Furthermore, what if every contributor shared the new website’s contents with all of their followers in lieu of normal anti-feminism posts? The amount of reach would be higher than any one of the contributors’ blogs individually.

What if this site were built on the most popular blogging platform today, WordPress, a system actually built for proper community engagement and content management? Tumblr’s technical issues would be of little importance, and creating new, engaging content would be easier to create.

The Approach

With the combined efforts of 5, 15, or even 30 unique bloggers, this new platform would be able to accomplish the following:

  1. Tear apart feminist ideologies with logic and facts
  2. Provide a pro-woman take from a Christian/Conservative viewpoint
  3. Discuss current events in which feminism has had a harmful effect
  4. Share anti-feminist opinions from other viewpoints (liberal, non-Christian, etc.) to promote non-partisan opposition to modern feminism
  5. Reach hundreds of thousands of people from a safe, unmoderated, and uncensored platform

Does this interest you? If you are seriously dedicated to fighting the modern, third-wave feminism that is destroying our families and our cultures, then it’s time to take the next step. Together we can bring about a force for good in the world, and become the source for a true anti-feminism movement.

The Question

We can’t do this alone. I can’t do it alone. Will you help me?

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

The U.S. has stood as a safe haven in the midst of chaos, as a powerhouse in the midst of despair, and as an innovator in a world now gone. It’s not perfect, for true perfection cannot be achieved by Man. However, it’s heart still beats true to the belief that we are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights, including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

God bless America…


America, praise God.

May the United States of America last until the end times as a stronghold for the followers of God.