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Remember this all you easily fooled young women out there.  No one in the Republican Party, or any other party to my knowledge, is trying to restrict access to birth control.  It simply is not true.  However this doesn’t matter for complete liars, like Elizabeth Warren, who make absurd claims that Republicans (the women included mind you) are trying to do so.

There is no Republican “war on women.”  It is a completely bogus political catchphrase to coax women to vote Democrat.

Here’s the rest of Ted Cruz’s amazing speech about the Democrats assault on free speech:








So much for the “Parasite” theory.

You can’t tell me that a fetus is a parasite. ‘Cause you’d be fucking wrong.

omg all of you go away

I’m sorry, friend, I am ashamed and I will go away now. I shall encourage my fellow pro-lifers to similarly abandon the cause.

Hypothetical situation time: Say you are I are in a car. We get in a car crash. I am in need a blood donation and a kidney transplant. Should your blood and kidney be taken away to be given to me without your consent? You did ride in the car with them so it must be okay. You were wearing your seatbelts and drove within the speed limits? Doesn’t matter we still need to take your blood and kidney without your consent. If I need blood two days from now you will be required to donate again because I would need it. This won’t stop until I am able to function on my own; does not matter what you say.

It doesn’t matter if you think the fetus is a person or not – I am entitled to my own body over anyone else. When someone dies we do not take organs from them without their consent. When there is a natural disaster and a local hospital needs blood donations we do not force people to donate their blood. If someone is in need a kidney transplant we do not force people to donate their kidneys. Just because someone became pregnant that does not mean the fetus gets to take over any rights to their body.

But hey if you are in favor of forcing people to stay pregnant, why stop there? You are in favor of forcing people to physically support other people via their bodies; lets enforce mandatory blood donations, plasma donations, kidneys, bone marrow, you name it. Let’s remove the right people have to their bodies after they die – lets donate everyones bodies to medical science regardless of their wishes.

Hypothetical situation time again: You, as a unique human by designation of biology at the very minimum, are a pain in the ass, a literal thorn in my side. Just because you exist. However, I’m forced under contract to be your roommate, your caretaker, and your provider of nourishment for nine months because I lost a bet to your dad. Following your logic, I should just kill you for the sake of convenience because I don’t want to take care of you until the end of our contract. You, a unique person with your own thoughts, feelings, and traits. YES, I SHOULD JUST KILL YOU! 

Except I’d get thrown in prison for a very long time.

Your problem is no that your analogies are shit (which, don’t get me wrong, they are), or that you even have the audacity to argue about this. Your problem is that you fail to see that the baby (human term for “fetus”) is a unique human life from the point of conception. Maybe they didn’t teach you that in whatever pathetic sex-ed course you had, or whatever pathetic biology course you took. 

Yes, I support making women carry their pregnancies. They fucked up (pun intended), but the innocent life they created did nothing and is an innocent, unique human being. That human being deserves a chance at life as much as you or I or the people who came together to make it. 

Suck on that for a while and come back when you realize the truth.



I’ve been told iPhones (monthly bill), iPads, computers (monthly internet bill), etc are a necessities because you can’t apply for jobs, read the news, educate yourself, etc and etc. Well you can apply for jobs in person, buy a newspaper, go to the library, etc and etc. You can survive without these things. Unless this is the year 3113, am I missing something? There are needs and then there are wants. For example technology is a want while food is a need. I don’t care about your wants. I’ll help you with your needs. I don’t give a shit if that offends you.

Fuck corporate bailouts but on the same token fuck welfare fraud and/or lazy people that abuse the system just as much. Greed is greed regardless of what class. But maybe it shouldn’t stop there? There is more we are not considering when it comes to entitlements (wants) over necessities (needs). Since my original welfare post that has over 55,000 reblogs I’ve read people’s victim stories and what it basically comes down to is this….

How about when two people meet and fall in love. Eventually they want to get married but they can’t afford a big lavish wedding. They often settle for the justice of the peace. The bride always wanted a wedding she’d always remember. He can’t afford a ring but no woman should go without a diamond ring. Other couples have nice weddings so why can’t these two? Tax payers should make sure a married couple has their luxurious wedding with dolphins kissing ice sculptures and chocolate waterfalls. No? Well you’re not romantic!

If the couple have three kids even though one was even too much, they’ll need a house. Apartments do not generally make living comfortable with a family that size. Since the wife doesn’t work and the husband don’t make that much, welfare will have to pay for it. Since they can’t afford the necessities and already collect for utility assistance, tax payers will also have to pay their property taxes and up keep. If they need electrical, plumbing or the roof, etc done the tax payers get the bill. No you say? Well you’re just a privileged fuck!

Next is a car because they need to get around. Everyone else has a car so why not them? Public transportation is so 20th century anyway. So tax payers will have to pay for their free cars. It has to be reliable and kid safe. It has to be brand new with the same features everyone else gets. Power windows, onstar, 4wd, etc. Since they can’t afford the insurance, it will also have to be part of welfare. Since tires, inspections, replacement parts, etc are also expensive they’d expect that to be part of welfare as well. No?! Well you’re an asshole!

When their children hear about other families and their vacations to Disney World it will crush them. How can you deprive a child of that experience? Can’t you imagine their tears? Their parents could not possibly afford paying for a family of 5 with the cost of airfare, hotel and spending money to a place like Disney World. So tax payers will have to fund their vacations because other families go on vacations. It’s only fair, right? Don’t you want little Susie to get her photo taken with Minnie Mouse in front Cinderella’s castle? No!? You’re a dick!

And if you’re going to fund family vacations you can at least fund their pets. Everything from their food to their veterinarian visits. Hey if their friends have pets then it’s only fair they have a pet as well. What if little Timmy gets stuck in a well and there is no Lassie to go get help? Eddie Munster turned out fine with his pet Spot. If the Brady kids didn’t have Tiger their childhood would have been sad. You don’t want to stop a child from having a puppy or kitten, do you? That’s just unthinkable. It’s horrendous. I don’t want to think about it.

Then you have to think about social entertainment for the adults. Do you expect them to be stuck inside every weekend when John’s friend takes his wife out once a weekend for their annual dinner, dancing and a movie. That’s unfair because John wants to treat his wife. And his wife Cindy wants to have a girls night out. You think she likes dealing with her kids, and husband all the time? She needs her downtime. Tax payers should fund an allowance for social activities. What you’re against this to? What’s wrong with you! Fuck you OP!

Now I could continue with four or five more examples of entitlements (wants) over necessities (needs) but I think you should have the point by now. At what point is it acceptable for society to say no more when it comes to subsidizes? Funding education is one thing, building hospitals is another and making sure children have warm clothes is one more, but why in the hell do tax payers have to fund or it even implied we’re responsible for anything outside of food, water, heat, clothing, etc along those same reasonable lines of needs?

Why should we keep our mouths shut when people are blatantly defrauding the welfare system? It’s our taxed income being used irresponsibly by the government. Why should we be shamed into silence? “Oh you must not care about poor people. You must be privileged. You just play classism.” Excuse me are you not the one playing classism when you complain how someone that planned ahead in life by working hard in school, then finding a good paying job, and then love, marriage and had kids after the honeymoon is “privileged”?

Who the fuck would ever want to work and contribute when other people are paying for it? Just be the victim. Claim you’re poor. Shame others into charity and force government to use their tax income on you. Blame society and those more successful or at least more responsible by taking the initiative to get out of the poor house or never get in it. By all means make it out like they’re evil and not caring to get what you want. Idk but I can’t think of one society where this was allowed and it was prosperous, safe and secure one. “FUCK THE OP!”

You class warfare welfare people on tumblr can suck my …… IDC about your feels or wants. If you’re “poor” in the USA you are still better off than %70 of the world’s population. Quit your bitching and whining about a post on tumblr that has no cause or affect over your life or any ability to stop you from collecting or defrauding the system. Grow a spine you sensitive half brainers because you all failed to realize the point of that post. You went straight into “poor wittle me” victim statements. With that attitude you’ll always be in the lower class.

Oh but it doesn’t end there but this post does because I could go on all day with these examples. The modern day logic of what welfare should entail has gone from making sure people have necessities to, “Hey when you’re poor your bored so having an iPhone is important. Fuck you and die OP for being uncaring.” There is making sure people can survive but then there is rewarding their laziness or bad decisions with money and lifestyle they do not deserve because they don’t work for it, and have no reason to when it’s being handed to them.

FYI: And I’m not talking about the honestly struggling, sick people or disabled. I never said that or even implied that in my “controversial” welfare post. Quit saying I am because I was not! Quit being so thick, lol. I’M TALKING ABOUT LAZY PEOPLE THAT DEFRAUD THE SYSTEM. The people that can work and should work but rather stay at home playing victim card because the system allows them. Check your facts or better yet improve your reading comprehension before you go off the rails. Thanks 😉

BTW: I’m not wealthy or middle class. I am not privileged in any way. Not everyone whines about their situation in life. I can see the bad in corporatism just as much as welfare fraud. You’ll just have to get over that.

I’m 24 and my brother is 30. Neither of us have ever had a driver’s license. I will laugh in your face if you tell me a car is not a luxury.

The most worthy use of space on all of tumblr.











I don’t understand why racial/ethnic/cultural sensitivity is seen as “overly PC” behavior. It’s not about political correctness. It’s about not being an asshole.

Like, it’s such an inconvenience for those people to not be a giant…

Good point. Though, if you’re telling people to change what they say, how is that any different than someone telling someone else to change something about themselves? Sounds to me that not everyone will ever have ‘equal’ speech.

“if political correctness and cultural sensitivity are the same thing, given your general opinion about political correctness, you’re basically saying that we shouldn’t have cultural sensitivity, which doesn’t seem either respectful or kind.

I say, if political correctness and cultural sensitivity are the same thing, given your general opinion about sensitivity, you are basically saying that society should dictate what we can and cannot say, rather than upbringing, your heart, and common sense.

You might note I’m actually not telling people what they can and cannot say. That’s never my goal. What I am doing is telling people to think about what they’re saying. I’m 100 percent for free speech. We still have free speech. You can’t be put in jail for saying offensive things. The folks of Westboro Baptist aren’t even in jail. You won’t even be banned from this website unless you start spouting hate speech or harassing people. For all the gab about how one-sided Tumblr’s political views are, this is one of the least censored sites on the internet. There are many conservative-minded bloggers here on Tumblr. They’re not the majority, but they’re here, and they have an active voice in the conversations here.

In my real life conversations, when it comes to these issues, I don’t tell people “don’t say that.” I try to politely bring up why I believe something someone has said is problematic, and have a conversation with them about it. I do this once, or a few times if they’re a close friend and have asked me to call them out. If they continue speaking in a way that truly disturbs me, I remove myself from the conversation. And of course there are all kinds of situations in between. For example, a while ago I was hanging out with some friends who were referring to some girls they knew as “sluts” and “whores.” As you know, I strongly dislike those words and think they’re hurtful. Did I jump out of my chair and wag my finger in their faces and say “DON’T CALL PEOPLE THAT!”? Nope. I didn’t even ask them not to say it. I just added into the conversation that I don’t call people those words and discussed why. It was a natural part of the conversation we were having. They continued to call these girls “sluts” and “whores,” despite agreeing with the majority of what I said and saying I had a good point. Did it bother me? You bet it did. Did I lose my shit over it? No. I’d said my piece, they knew what I thought, and I’m not the language police. However, I did know someone once who regularly called gay people “faggots” and defended themselves by saying it was “the historical term” and that “that’s what they are.” For that and about a million other reasons, I’ve chosen to remove myself from this person’s company.

Basically what I’m saying is not that you “aren’t allowed” to say certain things. You can say what you like. What I am saying is that it’s in the best interest of you and those around you to think about the way you speak, its implications, and how it may be affecting others. What I’m saying is that the vast majority of the things people say in the name of “being anti-PC” are just hurtful, and usually mean. They’re not edgy, or funny, or making a statement, or even preserving “traditional values.” When someone gets genuinely upset at you for saying something, the fact that it’s “politically incorrect” isn’t exactly the first thing on their mind. What’s on their mind is that they’re hurt or insulted by what you said.

There are those out there who will react to the slightest word. I’ve found however that those people are often those who want to appear as “standing up for the oppressed” purely to make themselves look good, and actually aren’t even part of the group the offense is toward. And there are those who will hear something and scream “AAAH THAT’S SEXIST/RACIST/HOMOPHOBIC/ETC” without being educated on the issues. Those people then can’t back up their reasons for being upset and do end up looking ridiculous. And unfortunately there are a lot of liberals out there who do seem to want censorship. It doesn’t mean that’s the only reason someone would have a problem with something you’d say, though. If someone says what you’re saying is hurtful, you should listen. You don’t ultimately have to agree, but you need to at least listen to them. And you can’t dismiss their reactions as simply a petty reaction to “political incorrectness.” That’s about as presumptuous as it gets.

On your statement about upbringing, common sense, and following your heart, “instead of” following society, that’s kind of a void statement, considering that the ways your parents brought you up, the things you value, and your ideas of common sense are all very much influenced by society. “Society” is a huge, vague term. Society is just made up of the people around us and the systems within which they function. EVERYTHING we do is influenced by society, or some portion of it.


I’d also like to add that political correctness is not at all about censorship— no one is advocating that certain offensive terms be banned from use or punished by law. It’s a person’s God-given right be an asshat if they so choose.

Political correctness is about society forcing people to face the consequences of being an asshat. If you say things that are ignorant, or malicious, or both, you’re gonna get shit for it. Doesn’t mean you can’t say those things, but it also doesn’t mean that your shittiness as a person is going to be overlooked. Words have consequences.

No one’s telling you you can’t be racist, or homophobic, or misogynistic. However, we as a society have no obligation to be patient or understanding or forgiving of those things, because being an asshat in that sense can be harmful to others by perpetuating negative social stereotypes that allow injustice to happen.

I guess the bottom line is a person can believe whatever hateful, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, unreasonable and disgusting things they want about others. But when you go to a public forum of any kind and broadcast that opinion, especially if you do it knowing that it offends other people and are trying to throw it back into the face of ‘the PC police,’ you’re not exempt of criticism from your peers. You’re not exempt from people calling you out on your behavior, and you’re not free from others judging you as an asshat. Because it doesn’t take much effort not to be an asshat, so really you have no excuse.

Just went ahead and bolded that stuff on my own. Thank you, mousethatroars.

Ah, mousethatroars, You should know that
it is not the place of society to force people to face consequences! ‘Consequences’ for exercising the right to free speech must happen at an interpersonal level and at no other (bolded for everyone’s convenience). Anything else can and will lead to tyranny of one form or another. Also, impolitepanda, it seems that a chunk of your text is missing from early in this conversation.

Actually, it is the place of society to be the voice of change in order for change to actually happen. You know how things like racism and homophobia and misogyny die? They die when people stand up and say that it’s not okay to be racist and homophobic and misogynistic. That’s not tyranny, that’s societal change. Making social consequences for bad behavior that hurts other people.I don’t think you understand that this isn’t just about free speech— it’s about behavior that hurts groups of people by perpetuating negative stereotypes and inequality.   

Tolerance requires the bare minimum of general courtesy for one’s fellow human being— it’s something that everyone is capable of. People don’t have to agree on everything to at the very least not be shitty to each other, and regardless of whether or not you think that society should be the one to pass judgement on free speech, the fact of the matter is that society already does pass judgement. Why do you think there are so few people ready to up and vocally join the Westboro Baptist Church, or the KKK? Those people aren’t being legally censored in any way. But we as a society have deemed that behavior unacceptable and sure as hell have let them know it. In doing so, we’ve painted them as an unfavorable association and even racists and homophobes will distance themselves from them, thus limiting their power and influence over our society. 

Social responsibility is a thing. Social justice is a thing. No one’s encouraging anyone to start throwing punches over free speech, or to join in with more asshat-ish behavior, but if someone is being an asshat, you’re well within your bounds to tell them to cut that shit out, because it’s not okay.

What happens with social justice (I mean, Political Correctness), is people, namely schools, corporations, and the government, take their concern with it to the extreme, in an attempt to unnecessarily force it.  It’s not good for anyone, in the end, because of that.  It causes conflict, more than being Politically Incorrect.

If you want to prove me wrong, read this article and give me intelligent responses to EACH INSTANCE:  http://listverse.com/2010/10/26/10-ridiculous-cases-of-political-correctness/

If you don’t respond, or if you respond with poor or vulgar excuses for a response, you’ll be harming your cause a lot more than I can. (Note:  IF you respond nicely, and wish to offer a list article to counter my point with a similar list, I will go through and respond to each one as I hope you will do with my list.  Fair?)

Where I come from, there’s something called ‘The Golden Rule’.  It is mentioned several times in the Bible (and many religions and societies), and by Christ himself.  Do unto others what you would have done unto you.  Essentially, treat others as you would be treated.  I do what I can to honor that, which is why it irks me when ‘Society’ tries to play God and tell me what I should and should not say.

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