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imfunnyujusthavetobelieve said: Well this sounds like a fun way to start the week.

Yeah, it would kinda suck to have a fire hit us less than two weeks after lightning destroyed a bunch of our stuff.

He didn’t accept the death penalty. He used it to accomplish His mission.

And then He rose again and defied it.

Amazing, yes?

Open Discussion on U.S. Illegal Immigration



waterkid72, you’ve been the most vocal about this problem out of all the people on my dash. I don’t really agree with you, so let’s talk it out. I’ll let you make the first statement.

I understand your point with illegal immigration been a problem. However, many of these people are escaping the horrible atrocities that are going on right now. I live in El Salvador, where brutal deaths happen every day. We’re smaller than most states in the US, and we have 10-14 reportef deaths each day. Gang violence is a constant threat to us. I myself witnessed a murder beside me. My main issue is how some US people are treating immigrants.

The term illegal alien in and on itself is so offensice and unhumane. It dehumanizes others, even if those who use don’t do it intentionally. Yet, many politicians are treating this issue like some sort of invasion, treating immigrants as invaders, plunders or criminals. Obtaining US residence legally is very contriced and hard to do, mind you. Many immigrants are abandoning their homes, their culture, and taking horrendous risks to escape violence and poverty.

Consider that the Obama administration has the highest count of deportation than any other administrations. So, this is complicated, and I know, but that isn’t an excuse for the hostile response from many politicians and even self professing Christians. Many protesters went to yell to this kids, us that the response they deserve? Rep. Michele Bachmann compared them to a pest. I mean, come on! They’re humans. The US has a history os welcoming immigrants kindly, but also of discriminating and harrassing them, so yeah.

At the very least right now, the response should be humanitarian, and a compassionate response would be to give them assylum. Just imagine what would happen if the tables were to turn around in the future.

The humanitarian angle you take is understandable. Our perspectives are interesting, we have an angle on either side of the issue (and for the sake of discussion, I’m considering it in binary terms). In your country, you see the violence and brutality the illegal immigrants are running from. These people are also ethnically closer to you than they are to me, which makes it a bit easier for you to empathize with them. There is nothing wrong with this.

Here’s what I see: I see a wave of people descending upon my country, that my forefathers fought for and that millions of Americans have laid down their lives for. The refuge that is the United States has not been cheaply won, and we’ve been gracious enough (and economically logical enough) to permit immigration through legal channels. The process is meant to A) maintain the safety of existing citizens by keeping criminals and/or spies out, and B) maintain the health of the nation by quarantining especially dreadful diseases that travel with some immigrants. Both of these purposes are nullified by illegal immigration. With the current disaster at the border, we’re seeing diseased children in large numbers, some of which are released with their alien illnesses into the legally documented US public. And you speak of the atrocities committed in your country on a daily basis… I can assure you, the murders, rapes, thefts, and other crimes you see are also present in the US. And, in far too many instances, the offenders are illegal immigrants.

Not to say that ALL illegal immigrants are diseased or evildoers – that would be irrational. The risk, however, is exponentially higher if the immigrants are not being screened through official channels meant to protect the true interest of the US (and that would be the citizens). 

The problem, however, is not just with the immigrants. While this administration may have the most deportations out of them all, there are hundreds of thousands of pending deportation reviews in backlog in the court systems. The border laws are not properly enforced, and reports have come out of this recent debacle of the Government actually turning away volunteers and charity workers and aid, especially church workers. This combined with the fact that the government is releasing some ill children into our public school systems that we legal, documented taxpayers fund, all makes my blood boil.Mind you, more against the government than the illegals. 

Our systems are strained already. The public school system is in decay, the health care system is a nightmare, unemployment is sky-high, and this administration can’t even take care of the veterans who served this country with honor. Our vets deserve better treatment than illegal immigrants, yet that is not what’s happening now. 

It’s a huge mess in so many ways, and I can understand if some of it was not known to you as a foreign citizen. However, there’s so much more going on that trumps the issues like how offensive the term “alien” is, or who compared the influx to a swarm of “pests”. Yes, the Bible encourages kindness towards the less fortunate, but here’s the problem that you might be hung up on, and it’s an issue for the mainstream left in the US: The Bible speaks at a personal level, not the level of government. As individuals we are told to be all those nice things, but we can’t do that for every single person. We try to do so through the government, but unless the US where 100% Christian, it would be unfair to some group or another. The Bible also says “Render unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s.” Take that as you will.

Your turn.

It is very hard sometimes walking the line between “I want to be friends” and “you’re so wrong”. Sometimes it’s the hardest thing to not say “You know what, f**k you, I’m right and you’re wrong, you stupid and ignorant piece of s**t buffoon!” Granted, some people fit the description, but I’m really a nice guy. I want people to listen, because I know when I’m right even when so many try and convince me otherwise, but I want to be the good guy who pointed out something that changed someone’s perspective. And calling someone a buffoon just doesn’t do the trick.
But it never seems to work that way. All that ever happens is someone makes a totally inaccurate/assumptive/asinine reply and THAT gets the signal boost.
And it’s like “f**k this s**t, I’m out. I’m done. Nope, nope nope nope!”
And then I’m back next week.

Ah, the life of a white, tall, thin, middle-class, straight, conservative, Christian male on Tumblr.



The Democrats have been using scare tactics and thrusting blame on the other side for long enough.  It’s their fault for not passing a budget during 5 years in power… and yet Harry Reid has the nerve to say that it’s a “Sad day”.  Seriously, Harry, this is all your fault anyway – you, and Obama, and Pelosi, and all the other government libtards.  I hope your approval rating tanks to the negative zone.

Right, like the shutdown wasn’t orchestrated back in August by Senator Ted Cruz when he wrote“James Madison wrote in Federalist No. 58 that ‘the power over the purse may, in fact, be regarded as the most complete and effectual weapon… for obtaining a redress of every grievance…’”

If you think this is anything other than manipulation, you’re delusional. 

And what, in politics, isn’t manipulation? Rhetorical question, in case you were going to try and lamely answer that. You have no proof that Ted Cruze manipulated the shutdown, you are merely throwing blame on him because he’s an unpopular person in the current spotlight. Stop being a libtard and look at the facts swirling around this terrible President and his administration. Maybe you’ll see who’s really to blame.





try to control everyone, oh noez I pay taxes therefore I think I should control YOU with it, sorry bitch, slavery is over.

Prove it. Valid facts, if they even exist. Huffington Post and MSNBC don’t count as sources. Your move.

Prove what?…

It seems that Libtard here is afraid to face reality, seeing as he hasn’t cared enough to respond with decent information. Instead, all I got from him was essentially “I shouldn’t have to back up my statement with facts, because you conservatives should know what I’m talking about even though I think you’re too dumb to realize it.”

Look, Libtard and all others like you, if you’re going to mindlessly bash the other side, either research and present your reasons or say nothing at all. Conservatives are all for the limited involvement of government, which is a lot more than can be said about liberals, and none of them want to make you work for them as slaves without pay and against your will. If anyone is to be accused of slavery, it would have to be the liberals with the way their policies try to keep as many people as possible reliant on Government aid. If you want to challenge me on that, feel free. Otherwise, you make a great example of a Libtard.

Cool As The Moonlit Sky: The fucking republicans.

Thinking how easily this relates to gun control

Thin Privilege is the Golden Mean



Thin privilege is knowing that at the bottom of all things, at the end of all things, no matter what…you will be acceptable no matter where you go.  You will always find clothing to fit you. Choosing clothes will be just that—a choice, not a resignation to take something expensive or unflattering, poorly fitting, or just plain ugly because it’s all that’s available to you.  If you are thin, there will always be clothing to cover your nakedness.

No one will ever tell you your existence is wrong because of your weight.  You can walk anywhere and do anything without first being evaluated based on your body size.  You can eat what you wish, buy what pleases you and is affordable.  You will never be violently and/or sexually attacked, be denied health care, medical procedures, fertility options, entrance into college, work, fair wages, or anything in between because of your weight.  Every pair of eyes that falls on you will judge you on other qualities, but the base level will always, always be that you’re thin.  And you will never full appreciate how easily that privilege came to you.  Whatever other shortcomings you may have, no axe will deliver that final blow:  “And you’re a fat motherfucker too…God, you’re just disgusting!”

You will never know the feeling of having to put mental armour on that one vulnerable part of you before you open your door and step outside to LIVE and not stay in the shadows.  And even if you do, you will never have that one part of you unexpectedly torn away and left raw and bleeding by someone’s cruel, random words…then experience the raging guilt because you a) haven’t learned how to let someone else’s hate flow past you; and b) you think, on some hidden, shame-filled level, that maybe you deserved it all.  You will never know the paranoia and deep mental scarring that can happen as each day isn’t a blessing but just a series of opportunities for people to demean, belittle, photograph, mock, and otherwise fine-tune their bigotry on you.

You will never be identified as “fat” first thing when someone describes you.  Your thinness plays a secondary but supporting role in everything you are.  You will never experience the eye rolls, the sighs, the behind-the-hand, obviously-meant-for-your-ears comments that people make when you do anything at all.  Your relationships with all your doctors will have that element removed completely because your weight is “fine…so obviously it’s something else going wrong”, and you will never leave with a diet plan instead of a much-need prescription.  Or a pamphlet on lap band or bypass surgery.

You will, above all, be seen as a person first.  Not a flawed object who has to fight to earn respect straight away because fat people obviously are sub-average creatures with no claim to personhood unless they show their drive and desire and proof that yes, they are on a diet and really, really want to be thin like everyone else, that they’re trying super-hard to be good, and their highest desires are to be thin and perfect and by default, healthy and acceptable.

Thin people…that part of your world has a fairness and an equality to it that most of you are either not aware of or lord over everyone else.  The few of you who have seen how this works have pierced the veil and made weak but stubborn bridges to our side of life.


Many of these examples also intersect with white, cis, straight, able-bodied, class and male privilege. Though the kind of surveillance your body is under and the comments / reactions can be different.


Hey thin people: this right here is probably one of the most important things to understand about the privilege that comes with being thin.

Btw, this blog is intense and has opened my eyes in some major ways. I highly encourage you to check it out.

Oh, hi there!  ’Thin Person’ here, just offering my counterpoint.

Is it wrong to say hurtful things to people based on how they look or act, just for the sake of being hurtful?  Yes.  Absolutely.  

However, I think that trying to make being fat an acceptable lifestyle choice is the wrong approach.  

Thin people are “privileged” because their bodies are as nature intended.  Being overweight is more than just a genetic problem.  Often, it’s a sign of mental or psychological issues, just as much or more so than “obesity runs in my family”.  A lot of times it’s due to a person’s upbringing, or due to bad habits as well.  

Maybe the reason fat people can’t find clothes that look good, is because they’re just too fat.  That may only be a small number of ‘fat’ people though.  I know a few people who aren’t ‘thin’, but they are able to present themselves well and carry themselves with self-respect.  However, in an industry which accommodates plus-sizes fairly well, the OP’s argument that you can’t find good clothes if you’re fat really only applies to the morbidly obese.  That is hard to beautify no matter what you wear (sorry, just a fact of life).  

True beauty comes from within, and if you have a nice personality and not a ‘woe-is-me, I’m fat and therefore I’m ugly’ mentality, then you’re a lot better off then many thin people.  You may not get to date the hot, thin guy/girl, but if that really bothers you enough you have it within your power to change how you look and behave.  The question is, do you want to?  That’s up to you.

We all know that thin people aren’t always thin forever.  So focus on what’s important, whether you be thin or fat.

Now, that said…

As a thin person, this post actually offends me, probably more than it should, but it still does.  I don’t need to be reminded just how ‘lucky I am to be thin’.  I see people a lot heavier than I all the time, and I’m always glad to be who I am.  

However, since we’re on the topic of ‘weight-shaming’, let’s talk about thin people’s problems for a minute.

I’m a thin guy.  Like, really thin.  A lot of what I eat burns up instead of bulking up (unless it turns into acne).  A lot of the time I get the “you should work out” routine or “you need to eat more – get some meat on those bones!”  It doesn’t bother me a lot of the time, but it’s still there.  I know I’m thin, that’s how I am, and in many, many cases I would prefer it to being overweight, but the lesson to take away from this is that everyone gets negative comments on their appearance. The OP makes it sound like thin people always have it so much better.  Well, that’s partially true, since humans where made to be fit, but they don’t have it perfect.  And sometimes I wonder how many thin people pretend to know how fat people feel in order to appear so virtuous, but that’s a different post.

To wrap up, just follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”