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Healing is a choice. It’s not an easy one, because it takes work to turn around your habits, but keep making the choice and shifts will happen.

Yehuda Berg  (via yesdarlingido)

This applies to literally everything. Like racism and poverty, for example.

Would you mind stating, let’s say 4 or 5 pieces of indisputable evidence?


Mike Brown was shot in the palm side of his thumb… corroborating Wilson’s account that Mike Brown reached for his weapon.

Mike Brown’s blood was found on Wilson’s gun, uniform, shoes, as well as in his cruiser… corroborating Wilson’s claim that a struggle happened inside the car.

Mike Brown was shot from front to back… disproving claims that he was shot while running away.

Mike Brown was shot in the front of his arms… disproving claims that he had his hands up.

The trajectory of the bullets in Mike Brown corroborated Wilson’s claim that Brown was charging him.

Several witnesses confessed to lying about what happened… further lending credibility to Wilson’s account.

Wilson claimed his gun only “clicked” when Brown was struggling for it… this is true of a Sig Sauer P229 being pushed out of battery and supports Wilson’s claim that Mike Brown was trying to get his weapon.

The autopsies, even those performed by “independent” medical examiners, backed up Wilson’s series of events.

Wilson suffered a fractured orbital, bruises to his cheek, neck and sides… further supporting his timeline of events.

I mean, come on. It’s kind of obvious that this case is not a poster example of police wrongdoing or racial hatred… except the hatred on the part those seeking to push a false narrative and stir up racial tensions.

This is why ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ is bullshit.




He was somebody’s child, he’s not a demon, or a monster, or a thug. He was somebody’s child

‘Thug’ is defined by your actions. Thugs rob stores. Do the math.

Even if he had done so, that doesn’t reduce his humanity, but calling him a thug is used as a justification of his murder.

I think being a thug is pretty human. Just like being a ‘good kid’ is being human. His humanity is not the issue here. The issue here are the choices he made. Mike Brown died attacking a police officer, after robbing a store (with traces of Mary Jane in his system). That’s what lead to his death, and the only thing a petty campaign against a word will accomplish will be to blur those facts and paint him wrongly as an innocent.

His death is tragic, but it happened because he made some really bad choices. And that’s what happens sometimes to people who make really bad choices, especially around cops. Don’t make it about race or label or stereotype instead. Make it about his choices. Make it about his choice to be a thug.


People would rather believe that a cop woke up one day and decided “fuck it I hate niggers, so I think I will kill one in front of multiple witnesses and use my white privilege to not get in trouble” instead of all the profound amounts of evidence that showed Brown as an aggressive violent person that attacked and went for a cops gun and then charged towards him.

That the Grand Jury spent like 70 days, thousands of hours, pouring through evidence and testimony and various experts only to say “eh fuck it we hate blacks right guys? Lets vote no indict” after wasting all that time.

That high ranking officials in government dont have enough pull, connections, money, influence, power or white privilege to avoid being indicted on charges of fraud or something but this low level cop peon grunt of the system somehow has everything these wealthy men didnt, and can skate away with out being indicted by the state, or in civil or federal charges.

Seriously. Get fucking real.




I bet there are many of you who have never heard of this terrible crime, I bet you have never heard their names or the story of their murders. Yet I bet most of you have heard the name Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin or Stephen Lawrence.

Please read this harrowing story and share it. 

Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom.

Why No Movement for these Innocents? 

I’ll tell you why… because they were white. It’s as plain as that. And they did not fit the racist meme of the left, who don’t care if two young whites are tortured, raped and murdered in the most horrific crime I have ever seen in my lifetime. I mean, they aren’t black, so it’s not news. Well, it was news to me and their deaths cry out to be heard.

Let me tell you about Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, Jr. 
Warning: this is disturbing and will haunt most people as it does me.

Channon Christian was a senior at the University of Tennessee, majoring in Sociology. Chris Newsom, Jr. was a baseball player who worked as a carpenter. Both were devout Christians and Channon (according to her Dad) was saving herself for marriage. The two had been dating for a couple of months and were in love with their whole lives ahead of them.

On January 6th, 2007, they were going to a friend’s birthday party. The next day, when Channon did not show for work, her parents called the police. The two were carjacked by 5 black people, four men and one woman. Channon was forced to call her parents at around 12:30 AM to tell them she would be late, so these demons could take their time with them.

These evil individuals gagged Chris with a sock, bound his ankles with his own belt and tied his hands behind his back. His face was covered with a bandana and his head was covered with a sweatshirt that was tied around his neck. He was almost beaten to death and violently raped with a foreign object. Channon was forced to watch as Chris was raped, then they cut his genitals off. He was then forced to walk barefoot on nearby train tracks, where he was shot in the neck and the back, paralyzing him, but not killing him. The assailants then put a gun to his head and executed him. Then, for good measure, they set him on fire. That was on a Saturday night, they didn’t find him till Monday. Chris was the lucky one, believe it or not. Hellish horror awaited poor Channon.

She was taken back to Lamaricus Davidson’s home and dragged to a back room. She was hogtied with strips of bedding and stripped from the waist down. She was brutally raped in every possible way for hours and almost beaten to death. She sustained brutal wounds to her genital areas and to her chest and head. They sliced off one of her breasts. She was then dragged to the kitchen, where they at first choked her into semi-consciousness. They then poured bleach on her to remove their DNA. They poured bleach down her throat while she was still alive. They then put her body in garbage bags and wrapped her head in a separate bag. They dumped her upside down in a garbage can in the kitchen where she slowly suffocated to death. The judge in the case believes she may have lived up to 24 hours before dying there. When they found her on Tuesday, her eyes were open. I’m sure in her terror and pain, in the end she prayed to God to end it. I’m sure these kids thought of their parents and their families who they would never see again in this lifetime. I’m positive those that did this will go to Hell, vengeance is the Lord’s and these bastards have it coming.

Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, there was no outcry from any of them on this horrific crime. You don’t hear them on any of the crimes out there involving white people or, for that matter, most ethnic crimes. Why? Because it doesn’t benefit them, their agendas or their pockets. They are race pimps and they are evil.

Torture and murder came and went unnoticed in Tennessee. There is no ‘movement’ for these innocents, no outrage, no media. I guess color really does matter in the press and politics these days. Closely followed by religion. If they had only been Muslim, the tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes would never have ended. May Channon and Chris rest in peace and may the Lord bless their families. The blood of innocents cries out for justice in America and lands on deaf ears.

None were charged with a hate crime.


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Holy fucking shit

Fucking disgusting. Everyone needs to read this.

Black on white crime?

Who fucking cares, right?

Nah, let’s protest and burn shit down over a black criminal’s unfortunate death, set in motion by his bad choices. 

Fucking double standards. Race battles are all about power. Nobody cares about justice, besides the ones blindly following the warmongers. It’s all about power, people, which is why the mainstream media doesn’t care about this kind of atrocity.







Everyone has a right to life. whether you’re a black american, a Muslim girl, or transgender person. No one can take that away from you. And if they do? They should be punished.
Fuck Darren Wilson.

You kinda through that right to the wind when you rob a store, assault a police…

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure there were LEAST a couple of other methods in which Wilson could have stopped mike brown WHILE leaving both of their lives INTACT

Name some. Obviously telekinesis isn’t an option, so if you’re such an expert on how police operate why don’t you give me an example?

Maybe notice that Michael was unarmed and was not intending to fight back was a clue how to handle the situation????

Michael assaulted the police officer and then ran away. When Wilson made a move to arrest, Brown turned and started to run back to attack him. “Not intending to fight back” my ass.





Everyone has a right to life. whether you’re a black american, a Muslim girl, or transgender person. No one can take that away from you. And if they do? They should be punished.
Fuck Darren Wilson.

You kinda through that right to the wind when you rob a store, assault a police…

He didn’t rob the store. The incident happened after the store had been robbed. Mike was unarmed. Multiple witnesses have claimed he surrendered and then was shot. We should care for justice. This case merits a trial.

This thing just went through a court. The evidence has been gathered and examined. Wilson was acting in self-defense. I’m not sure anything else can be considered “justice” given the evidence.