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A few weeks ago, another former lesbian from a lesbian household came and spoke at my church on a topic much like this. This quote, “We’ve made God little if we believe He cannot change people”, explains why I HATE Macklemore’s song, ‘Same Love’, and Mary Lambert’s spin-off ‘She Keeps Me Warm’. 

I believe that people can change, and God can change people. But they have to believe it, too.

Former Lesbian Turned Christian: ‘We’ve Made God Little if We Believe He Cannot Change People’ | Christian News Network


Least they seemed respectable back then

What happened?

The same thing that happened with everything else…

“Then, everything changed, when the Liberal idiots attacked.”

The homosexuals on the left I can respect. I have nothing but disgust for everything on the right side of the picture.







A mom in Baldwin, New York RSVP’ed to a small child’s birthday party invitation with a vile anti-gay screed.

Little Sophia turns 7 in a few weeks, so her two dads decided to throw her a party and invite her friends to celebrate. One of those friends is Tommy, whose mom Beth is apparently a rabid homophobe. She returned the invitation with the following response:

“Tommy will NOT attend. I do not beleive [sic] in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your ‘lifestyle.’ I am sorry Sophia has to grow up this way. If you have an issue or need to speak to me: 516-362-1357.”

Sophia’s dads were understandably furious, so they sent the letter off to local radio station K-98.3, who posted it on Facebook. The station adds that they contacted Beth, who “gave us permission to post her phone number and said anyone who has a problem with what she wrote can call her, too!”

….I’m bout to leave this bitch a message…

maaaan FUCK beth

imma call too

say I wont

Liars: Steve and Leeana were forced to admit their story was a lie - but not before it already had been published on websites around the world

except it is a hoax. a shitty one to do too

I hate when people do this. You don’t need to lie to prove a point or create “healthy discourse”.

Even if it had been real, that’s no excuse to post that picture online. In the instance where this is real, the mom clearly gives a line of contact for personal use only, and this would be wrong to share uncensored online. Why? Because even if someone disagrees with your lifestyle and is a little rude about it, there are far worse people on the internet who will lash out to the extreme against someone they consider “homophobic” (God, I hate that term).

Repeat after me



Girls do not owe boys anything

  • Girls do not owe boys respect
  • Girls do not owe boys affection
  • Girls do not owe boys pleasure
  • Girls do not ‘deserve’ to be punished for refusing a boy any of the above

Boys need to learn that they are not entitled to a damn thing from a woman

Boys do not owe girls anything

  • Boys do not owe girls respect
  • Boys do not owe girls affection
  • Boys do not owe girls pleasure
  • Boys do not ‘deserve’ to be punished for refusing a girl any of the above 

Girls need to learn that they are not entitled to a damn thing from a man

Nobody owes anyone anything, regardless of sex, race or anything else.

People need to learn that they are not entitled to a damn thing except life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.








this needs more notes k

This is absolutely perfect.

summing it up in ways that even junior high boys can understand

This is the most perfect amazing perfect amazing PERFECT AMAZING POWERPOINT ON TUMBLR.

I still believe this is the best power point on tumblr.

This is pretty much perfect.

That moment when you realize that talking to Ian McKellen about homosexuality would be like talking to Magneto about mutants… At least he can’t metal-bend!