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I want this posted everywhere.



Grazing in a field is a bunch of sheep. They talk among themselves.

Why is the sheepdog here? I’ve not seen a wolf in ages. If there’s no wolf, we don’t need him.

The sheep approach the sheepdog and say. There’s no wolf, we don’t need you.

The sheepdog says. There’s no wolf because I’m here.

The sheepdog and the wolf




In America it makes no sense to put up those signs.

I totally and absolutely support you not owning a gun, but it’s plain dangerous to advertise that in America.

Considering the percentage of people in the US estimated to own a firearm has dropped to maybe 30-ish%. Most houses are gun-free, and also gun ownership is rarely considered a deterrent to crime(violent or otherwise.)

You never met a burglar or a mugger.  

Dog ownership is the primary deterrent to burglars.  Cop cars come third.  Second most likely deterrent to burglars would be…..firearm presence in the house.   They simply don’t want to get shot.

Muggers flat out leave someone with a suspicious bulge on their waist alone.   They never can know if they are dealing with Joe 2nd Amendment or Joe off duty cop..


Working as a prison guard.  Interviews with inmates. The only criminal who felt a gun wasn’t a big deal were the young bloods who were in for their first time (usually for drug offenses).  And they would change their tune after some of the older inmates showed them scars.