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Islam, Religion of Peace (my ass)

I get so fucking sick of seeing these posts about women being stoned or raped or otherwise attacked by muslims. Like seriously – if you’re a muslim and you support this, FUCK YOU. If you’re a muslim and you are pretending that this is only done by extremists and that your religion is peaceful, you’re an idiot (and fuck you, too). Seriously. Fuck Islam. “Religion of Peace” my fucking ass. There’s a special place in hell for all of those murderers and abusers of women.

Grow the fuck up and join the 21st century, where we don’t fucking stone women to death for sleeping around or going out in public fucking “uncovered”. Seriously.

I doubt that “never” is actually true, but it is incredibly rare.

But if Islam is the “religion of peace”, then that doesn’t make sense… right?




I was going to save this for later, but in light of the site #clankingofswords, I’m dedicating this to you and everyone of your buddies.

One terrorist scumbag down, an army to go.

It’s really a matter of perspective.

Imagine if China were to attack us with drones, bomb our churches, businesses, and schools, while they sit comfortably in Shangai.

There are no good guys in war.

That is a fallacy that has been perpetuated since WW2.

1) We have a military for the sole purpose if China were to attack us.  What are you talking about?

2) We aren’t just bombing churches, businesses, and schools.  We target strategic locations that are used as strongholds or centers of operation.  Furthermore, the churches, businesses, and schools in Iraq and Syria are not even ISIL’s, you clueless boob.  They stole them one by one.

3) Nearly six millions Jews murdered by the Nazis; one million deaths in North Korea; 200-600,000 citizens killed by the North Vietnamese communist government; an estimated 1,000 Kuwaitis and perhaps even 200,000 Iraqis killed by Saddam Hussein’s regime; almost 3,000 innocent Americans were slaughtered on 9/11; and now well over 5,000 innocent Christians, Yazidis, and Muslims have already been brutally slaughtered by Islamic State.

Yet, according to you, there are no good guys in war.  I would say any allied or coalition force that toppled any of those murderous regimes above did the world a great service.  And the last time I checked, the US military isn’t walking around raping, pillaging, and brutally murdering innocent people under a jizya, convert or die plan.  Under ISIL, you have no freedom.  In fact, their goal is not one of self-preservation, but rather global domination.  That’s what a caliphate is.  They want to destroy all western societies, including America, and replace our culture and laws with Sharia Law.

Of course there are good guys in war.  You may not agree with why we go to war, but never question the intentions of our brave men and women that sacrificed themselves so you can make absurd, pretentious statements on the internet about them.

Goddamn pacifists and sympathizers…

These Islamic bastards want to rape the world in the ass and then behead the ones who don’t like it. War is about who has the advantage, and this fool thinks that America will bend to psychological warfare.

Surprise, bitch!



“Open war is upon us whether you would risk it or not.” -Aragorn

If Iran is arming Hamas out in the open, how can Obama and the rest of the world leaders stay in the background and let this happen? Open war is upon us, and the greatest threat we have ever faced, terrorists, are openly operating and we sit by and do nothing. Bush didn’t strike hard enough, and Obama is treating with them. 

Islam extremism is on the rise. Bad time to have a pussyfooted child as our President.

Iran Begins Arming Palestinian Terrorists

YES! YES YES YES! America does not owe Islam a DAMN THING besides the same rights that the constitution grants all people. And FUCK THEM if they try and push Sharia law on this country.



How the Islamic religion conducts the stoning to death of women.  The reasons behind the stoning of women vary.  Usually it is because of the following;

The woman was raped.

THe woman had an affair with a man / not her husband.

The woman did not wear the proper clothing.

The woman “disgraced” a man in public.

This is what the feminists should get upset about.  Not something like the ability to get birth control, or whether or not enough women are portrayed in popular movies.  

islam: the religion of peace and stoning rape victims. seriouschild

If Liberals Knew These 5 Sharia Laws They’d Be “Islamophobes” Too


If Liberals Knew These 5 Sharia Laws They’d Be “Islamophobes” Too

If Liberals Knew These 5 Sharia Laws They'd Be "Islamophobes" Too

With Muslims assuring that critics of Sharia law simply have a misunderstanding of it or are “islamophobic,” it’s much easier to not address the issue at all, for fear of being thought of as intolerant or closed-minded.

With Islam and Middle Eastern immigration on the rise in America, it’s a good idea to educate one’s self, as it would be with any growing movement in the U.S.. In Dearborn,…

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