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a reply to a shitty post


Why, yes indeed tumblr user.

Fox news is very much ignorant.

And totally racist.

Never entertaining the liberal/democrat views.

Definitely always comprised of white men.

Who are Christian.

And are all most definitely republican. 

Not to mention they’re very sexist.

Because you never see a woman who ISN’T blonde with blue eyes.

Yes, dear tumblr user.

You are so right about everything.


Hahaha this is perfect.









This is so perfect, for the time you look at this image, you don’t know if it’s a boy and girl, a girl and a girl, a boy and a boy, a black man and a white girl, a white man and an asian girl, you know nothing. Just the simplicity of the connection and the beauty of two human beings sharing love and that is all that should ever matter.

Actually, Due to the slight prognathism of the maxilla, the smaller more rounded cranial vault. The sharper and less defined lower mandible, and less protruding supraobital ridges, the conclusion can be reached that the individual on the left is female, and of African American decent. However the individual on the right shows a larger more oblong cranium, heaver more protruding supraobital ridges, a flatter maxilla with less prognathism. Also the lower mandible of this individual is heaver, more defined and square. From the presence of these features the conclusion can be reached that the individual on the right is male of Caucasian decent. Also due to the advanced (but not complete) obliteration of the cranial sutures, and the presence of a third molar in each individuals, it can also be said that both of these individuals are between the ages of 25 and 40. image

i just

Yay for assuming sex=gender. Fuck off science, your privilege is showing

this legitimately said nothing about sex equaling gender?

based on the fucking bones they can see they found that the one is biologically female and the other biologically male

sit the fuck down and pet a cat not everything needs to be something for you to bitch about

Fuck off science, your privilege is showing”

Tumblr’s battle cry. I could not think of a more accurate description of tumblr than that quote right there. 

How does someone make it to that age without breaking down from their own stupidity? I’d tell them to head to the Bible belt states with all the other anti-science nutjobs, but they’d be lynched for being queer.

There is nothing in that about that didn’t piss me off.

“Fuck off science, your privilege is showing”


thankfully I have science to find my lost sides

Tumblr is full of idiots. Anyone with half a brain knows that you can absolutely tell what kind of people a skull belongs to. These are the same morons who believe that ape-men existed because they “found some skulls”! The hypocrisy and idiocy and ignorance is real.

The U.N.: “The Pro-Life movement tortures women!”

Tell me, have you ever had a limb pulled off your body? (possibly your manhood?)

Tell me, have your innards ever been sucked completely out of you through a vacuum tube, as if by some sort of man-eating alien?

Tell me, have you ever had your skull crushed like Prince Oberyn of Dorne in Game of Thrones?


Of course not. That, however, is what happens on a daily basis to thousands of unborn children. Every. Single. Day.

What is a woman? A woman was once an innocent, defenseless child, developing in the womb. You say that Pro-Lifers “torture” women, but right now the most dangerous place on Earth for a woman to be is inside the womb, where murderous torture is legal.

Think about that for a moment. Then kindly STFU.

Liberals: America needs to stay out of other countries’ affairs.
Liberals: #Bringourgirlsback

oh, and let’s not forget…

Liberals: *turns head as Obama bombs lybia and prepares for intervention in Crimea*



Should you call state agents and wait for them to protect you, or practice self defense?

Yes! It changes their plans when they don’t get back up to claim another welfare check or Obamaphone!! Or better kill another family!

Truth!  You have a intruder, the police do not dash in to save you!  After about 20 minutes and the screams stop, they sit and wait for any movement to leave your home! Usally after your beaten,robbed,raped,or already dead……. Your choice,your life! 

Shooting a murdering rapist immediately changes their plans. WTF.

What the actual hell…


It’s upsetting when someone asks you what your dreams are, and when you respond with, “My dream is to be a mother”, they tell you how stupid you are and how you’d be throwing your life away. I have a question for people like this: if I’m able to achieve my dream, how am I at ALL throwing my life away? Who’s expectations do I need to live up to? The world’s? If that’s the case, I’m already failing miserably. Or is it my own? Yes it’s important to go to school and get an education, I fully support that. But it’s extremely rude to tell someone that their dreams aren’t good enough. I understand that society is pulling more and more away from traditional roles in the home, but just because that happens doesn’t mean that my (or anyone else’s) dreams need to change, and certainly doesn’t mean that criticizing them is acceptable. From as early as I can remember, being a mom is what I always dreamed of. Sure, I can go to a job everyday that I -like-, but I would never be as happy there than I would be if I were able to be at home with my children. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t be one of ‘those’ people who puts someone down just because you think their dreams and aspirations aren’t what they should be. It just makes you look like a fool.

Reblog this forever, people. Show the feminazis who’s boss!


TW: Animal Abuse

Please stop killing your pets, this is insane.