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My Beyond the wilds reaction:

FINALLY getting a introduction for Zuko’s daughter Izumi


Listening to Prince Wu gagging on


President Raiko finally acting like a good diplomatic for once


Korra smile seeing Bolin again since 3 years, Bolin apologizing to Mako, Mako not saying ’…

Good News!

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On the tail of the announcement that The Legend of Korra would no longer air on TV, Nickelodeon has announced that starting next week, new episodes of Book 3 will appear on Nick.com and the Nick app at their usual viewing time. 

No hiatus.

Free online access. (Hopefully for everyone, not just U.S. viewers)

Will it air on TV? No. Did I plan on watching it there if it did? Probably not. A couple weeks ago I sent the Nickelodeon tumblr a request asking that they start putting LoK online when it aired. This is pretty much what I wanted, minus the part where it stops airing on TV. So this fan is now satisfied.

Bad feelings gone. Thanks for listening to the outrage of your Legend of Korra fans, nickelodeon.


Amon – Unalaq – Zaheer

The main antagonists of Legend of Korra so far

You know, this feels a bit sexist. All the bad guys are, well, guys, and there are women in all but two positions of power. Interesting.