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Yeah but guys aren’t dying from steroid use.

Guess again:


I swear to god this fucking bitch
“Yea but guys aren’t dying of steroid use”
Aside from that being a fucking lie, how fucking pretentious do you have to be to turn FUCKING EATING DISORDERS INTO A GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING OPPRESSION CONTEST.
how fucking dare you. How dare you turn illness into a fucking contest. How dare you even attempt to make this about fucking gender.
I swear to fuck this sote is so fucked up. You can’t even make a gender neutral ad campaign on eating disorders without turning it into a fucking women’s pity party of who’s got the worst illness. Jesus fucking christ. And you people always bitch about how society is horrible to women and how gender roles are bad BUT YOU FUCKING ENFORCE GENDER ROLES BY TRYING TO SILENCE MENS ISSUES. All you are doing is continuing to tell men that women are always gonna be more important than they are and that their problems don’t matter. Its fucking disgusting. Its like saying to a hobo “well at least you’re homeless in america”. IT DOESNT FUCKING MATTER THEYRE STILL HOMELESS.
I swear to fuck if I had ever heard someone say that shit on the street I would take my fist and send it careening across your face for being a fucking twat.
Shut the fuck up.
Its NOT about female victims.
Its not about male victims.

Flawless smackdown.

ALSO – notice that more men turn to steroids than women do to eating disorders!

This is so relevant! 

Twenty Four Indicators of Systemic Discrimination Against Men


  1. WEALTH: Women hold 65% of the country’s wealth [Fortune Magazine]
  2. CHILD CUSTODY: Women receive custody of 92% of the children of divorce and illegitimacy, and men only 4%. [Department of Health & Human Services]
  3. INCOME: Men constitute 60% of workplace hours, work longer hours, work harder, and are more qualified, rarely file sexual discrimination or harassment lawsuits or take pregnancy leave[Dept. Labor]
  4. SUICIDE: Men’s suicide rate is 4.6 times higher than women’s [Dept. Health & Human Services — 26,710 males vs 5,700 females]
  5. LIFE EXPECTANCY: Men’s life expectancy is seven (7) years shorter than women’s [National Center for Health Statistics — males 72.3 yrs vs females 79 yrs] yet receive only 35% of government expenditures for health care and medical costs.
  6. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: Men are discriminated against BY DESIGN through affirmative action.
  7. FEDERAL TAXES: Even though men pay 115% of federal income taxes women constitute 11% more of the voters.
  8. VOTE: Because there are 11% more female than male voters, males have little to no influence on how the male tax dollar is spent.
  9. WAR: Men, not women, fight and die in battle [Dept. Defense — Vietnam Casualties 47,369 men vs 74 women] while women sue the taxpayer when they have their butt pinched.
  10. WORKPLACE FATALITIES: Men account for more than 95% of workplace fatalities.
  11. MURDER: Men are murdered at a rate almost 5 times that of women [Dept. Health & Human Services — 26,710 men vs 5,700 women]
  12. JURY BIAS: Women are acquitted of spousal murder at a rate 9 times that of men [Bureau Justice Statistics — 1.4% of men vs 12.9% of women]
  13. COURT BIAS: Men are sentenced 2.8 times longer than women for spousal murder [Bureau Justice Statistics — men at 17 years vs women at 6 years]
  14. JUSTICE SYSTEM BIAS: Even though the amount of the average “child support payment” due from women is half the amount due from men, and even though women are twice as likely as men to default on those payments, fathers are 97% of “child support” collections prosecutions [Census Bureau]
  15. WELFARE: Even though men are the recipients of less than 10% of all welfare disbursements, men are required to refund welfare payments made to women.
  16. SECONDARY EDUCATION: Even though zero percent of American 12th grade girls were able to correctly answer basic math and physics questions, less than one quarter of America’s secondary and elementary school teachers are men.
  17. HIGHER EDUCATION: There are more than 200 all-female colleges for women and now not one single all-male college for men. 5.8% fewer men than women are enrolled in 4 year colleges, even though two thirds of those who score higher than 550 in SAT Math are males. In 1993 only 44.5% of college enrollment were men, and that figure has declined since then. Only 45.8% of of bachelor’s degrees were conferred to men in 1992, even though 98.2% of the top fiftieth percentile of the GRE are men, and ZERO PERCENT of American high school girls correctly answered 28 out of 67 TIMSS advanced math questions. Only 38.4% of private 4 year college students were men as of 1990, and this figure has declined since then.
  18. LEGAL SYSTEM BIAS: 96% of physical altercations resulting in injury to a spouse occurs AFTER the date of separation. [Read: spousal abuse laws that pretend that husbands are dangerous discriminate against husbands when we know that only a very small percent of domestic violence is associated with them]. [Chadwick and Heaton, “Statistical Handbook of the American Family”]
  19. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Even though study after study shows that women are the majority of the initiators of domestic violence, and 58% of the above mentioned physical altercations are initiated by the female, Congress passed the obviously anti-male VAWA and VAWA II.which are known would make the problem far worse. [Read: despite the fact we discriminate against husbands in protective orders, women still cause more than half of domestic altercations because they know they can get away with it].
  20. CHILD VIOLENCE: Even though mothers commit 55% of child murders and biological fathers commit 6%, even though NIS-3 shows that Mother-only households are 3 times more fatal to children than Father-only households, children are systematically removed from the natural fathers who are their most effective protectors and men are imprisoned at rate 20 times that of women.
  21. FAMILY BREAKDOWN: The US Surgeon General notes that divorce is more harmful to a man’s health than smoking tobacco, yet as much as $1.3 Trillion of federal expenditures accomplish little else than undermine family stability.
  22. WOMEN PILOTS: Even though women pilots have an accident rate four times that of men pilots, federal laws require that airlines risk the safety of passengers and hire women pilots anyway.
  23. WOMEN DRIVERS: Even though the crash rate of women drivers is twice that of men drivers, and even though drinking alcohol increases the crash rate of men by only 5%, the majority of those imprisoned under DUI laws are men, and women are almost never imprisoned for their much higher number of non-alcohol-related crashes.
  24. INCARCERATION: Even though feminists brag that 1.4 million American brides commit adultery, and even though women file more than 90,000 false allegations of rape, every year, only 99,000 of the 1.8 million Americans behind bars are women.

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I’m against the political ideology called feminism that…


“You’re just against feminism because you got your heart bro-“
“You’re just against feminism because you can’t get la-“
“You’re just against feminism because you feel entitl-“
“You’re just against feminism because you’re whi-“
“You’re just against feminism becau-“




So, lately, this so-called infographic (which spreads nothing but disinformation) has been circulated on Tumblr:


Since so many people don’t seem to realize the numerous faults in it, I shall attempt to cast light on them and update the above graphic accordingly.


Rape statistics for people in their right minds. Feminism created “Rape culture”.

False rape accusations: from propaganda to reality


People are not candy.

Having a penis is not a choice. So saying all men are the same is ridiculous.

Being a feminist is a choice. So saying they are all the same is a bit more accurate. (Not that they all are, its just a more valid statement than all men are the same)

Women’s Rights Activist: Now let’s tackle the delicate issue of rape. There are too many instances of women being raped and something needs to be done.

Men’s Rights Activist: Absolutely – but we feel that it is also important to note and bring light to the fact that males get raped too, and women can also be rapists.

WRA: Absolutely – what do you think Egalitarian?

Egalitarian: I think with careful attention to all victims of rape, and not specifically turning it into a gendered issue, we can focus more precisely on what causes rape and try to counter it. We believe that demonising one group of people isn’t the way forward, especially with such sensitive topics like rape.

–The door comes crashing down.–