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[equality intensifies]

“Soul rape”!?!??!

2 words for this psycho… take a guess.

I’ll give you a hint – one starts with an ‘F’.

Paragraph 1 / Main assertation

It seems that no matter where we turn to for news these days, there’s always some article about this white celebrity’s racist remark, or that male sports player’s sexist statement. American popular culture has become obsessed with criticizing anyone who offends or attacks society’s protected classes. As a countermeasure, attempts are often made to elevate groups of people considered to be oppressed or poorly represented. This may happen through more balanced character diversity or, more commonly, through situational comedy. Upon closer inspection, though, we find that when comedy is the means of diversification and inclusion, white males are portrayed as stupid, outdated, or clumsy idiots.

-I think this looks okay so far.