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Obama Bans Israelis from Coming to America


Obama Bans Israelis from Coming to America

Obama Bans Israelis from Coming to America

President Obama’s disdain for Israel and her people has been evident throughout his term in office. Time and time again he’s found himself at odds with the Israeli leadership on a myriad of issues while espousing borderline anti-Israel beliefs when questioned.

The latest offensive Israel has undertaken against Hamas militants indiscriminately firing missiles into their country has brought out…

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I don’t care what anyone says, or what act this son of a bitch puts on… Obama is either a muslim or affiliated with muslims. The way he talks about muslims and America, the way he respects Islamic holidays while ignoring Jewish ones, and the way he treats Israel all point to it. 




And his little administration, too.

Screw them all!



Get that bastard and his entire administration the hell out!

Liberals are the worst thing to happen to this country. Go Conservative or go the fuck home!

Is Obama is a jinx upon America?