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Happy thanksgiving, crackers.

Yeah, but we build neighborhoods, nations, and empires. And nobody else does it better. Lamentable things have happened in our history, but I’m not hearing about the negativity of my culture from anyone who celebrates a heritage, identity, and resulting way of life of their own that are exceedingly worse than mine.

And by the way, it seems all of our bigotry, oppression, and White privilege hasn’t keep the world from coming here in droves for centuries, so apparently we’re doing something right.

Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

maybe she is sad because natives killed and enslaved and “stole” land from each other. Or maybe she is sad because you are a racist ignorant twat. 

She’s sad because ignorant OP is being an ignorant racist in 2014.

Bruce Lee: Hollywood is racist and bigoted, typecasting me into small, narrow, constrained roles that do nothing but stereotype me and my people. What do I do? I “go through the backdoor” and make movie history without a fancy budget or much support, and most certainly, without the need of racist and bigoted people in hollywood. When Hollywood finally pulls its head out of its ass, I make the kind of hollywood movie I’ve always wanted to make.
Social Justice Warriors: the video game industry is racist, sexist, and bigoted, refusing to represent marginalized people in most of their games. What do I do? Nothing. I just bitch about it on the internet until someone finally listens.

Women’s Rights Activist: Now let’s tackle the delicate issue of rape. There are too many instances of women being raped and something needs to be done.

Men’s Rights Activist: Absolutely – but we feel that it is also important to note and bring light to the fact that males get raped too, and women can also be rapists.

WRA: Absolutely – what do you think Egalitarian?

Egalitarian: I think with careful attention to all victims of rape, and not specifically turning it into a gendered issue, we can focus more precisely on what causes rape and try to counter it. We believe that demonising one group of people isn’t the way forward, especially with such sensitive topics like rape.

–The door comes crashing down.–






California cops are pulling people over for.the.best.reason.EVER. See all the surprised reactions here.

The only time they’ll pull over white people 

Whites sure are never pulled over in California

another cute post ruined by a SJW.

News flash: SJWs are evil.