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My Goal for 2014

Introducing: The Creativity 365 Challenge, 2014 Edition!

My goal for every day of this year is to…

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psst. my writer followers:

I’m still bent on doing that RP blog thing of characters we’ve created.

I’m reaaaally determined….


Already on it: http://heroic-devastator-andrea.tumblr.com/

Okay, so remember that awesome armor suit drawing I was working on? And that face I put up a couple posts ago? Well, here I’ve fused the two together, and this is a look at the work in progress! It is the original/tablet traced/colored version. Currently I’m aiming at a completely greyscale look for the character (working in value rather than hue), which is why the dude is pasty white! What do you think?? Any suggestions from anyone? I want this work to be awesome, and I don’t see this getting finished very soon, so I’ll have time to consider your opinion!

So I was writing a part in my book where the main character meets his older self from another dimension, and an image suddenly popped into my head what he should look like. Now I think I have the look for the main character now!

Working on a sketch! This has been sitting in my sketchbook for several months, now I’m back at it! This is supposed to be a later level of armor for the protagonists in my book, Technically Heroic.