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Feminists oddly silent on everything else..hmm..its like they dont mind their majority and monopoly women have in the first half of things, and dont mind men having most of the rest because they are too dangerous and take too much skill and hard work..

And what happens when these idiots finally start pushing themselves into computer related fields to “advance women” and “break stereotypes”? They shit all over themselves and try and force people to bend to their warped politically correct ideas because women apparently are always afraid and of everything and easily bullied and triggered.


Moron woman wants the man in charge of the project to change the name form “SexMachine” to “GenderDetector” with white knights defending her. This is a program to determine if a name (Doug, Ashley, etc) is male, female, or neutral. It determines sex. Sex is way more accurate than gender, which feminists and sjw’s champion because they claim gender also includes a billion other special snowflake retard tier sexualities and identities and genders outside male and female. LOL. HOW WOULD IT EVEN WORK.

Lets not forget feminists who shit all over a big scientific achievement to bitch about a shirt a man wore, that a female made and gave him, while these same people claim women can wear anything they want.


Also take note how much more dangerous the jobs are as the list gets more and more male dominated. And how much more money you earn doing them.

Original article here
The people who compiled the Census data
Bureau Of Labor Statistics Labor Force Numbers 2013
Bureau Of Labor Statistics Labor Force Total Population by Sex
Google docs graph of the compiled Census data
2010 Census Bureau Employed Civilians by Sex

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Made an info graph today..


Take one down. Pass it around.


So a feminist told me the reason why men are discriminated in family court is because they think women are better caretakers and thats why they get the children more often and so its actually sexism against women.

Ok. Lets pretend the wage gap is real for a second.

“The reason why women get payed less is because employers believe men are better workers and so its really just sexism against men.”




The wage gap is not due to sexism friend

Top Five Jobs Women Take:

  1. Secretaries and administrative assistants
  2. Registered nurses
  3. Elementary and middle school teachers
  4. Cashiers
  5. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides

Top Five Jobs Men Take

  1. Construction
  2. Engineering
  3. Law Enforcement
  4. Firemen
  5. Electricians

Lets look at the yearly salaries for women’s top five jobs:

  1. $50,220 X
  2. $67,930 X
  3. E: $51,380 X [] M: $51,960 X
  4. $20,370 X
  5. N: $24,010 X [] P:$26,880 X [] HH: $20,170 X

Now lets look at the yearly salaries for men’s top five jobs:

  1. $28,410 X
  2. $119,260 X
  3. $55,010 X
  4. $45,250 X
  5. $53,030 X

As you can see, men lead in all but one category. Construction. Why do the male jobs pay more? Lets find out shall we?

Occupational hazards of women’s top jobs:

  1. Secretaries and administrative assistants X
    • Muscle strain from lifting phones and typing
    • Risk of stapling
    • Working in a cold office increases muscle tension and encourages poor working posture as you huddle trying to stay warm.
  2. Registered nurses X
    • Can be exposed to contagious and infectious diseases
    • Can come into contact with chemicals
    • Overexertion
    • Radiation
    • violence at work
  3. Elementary and middle school teachers X
    • Bacterial and viral infections
    • Threatened with injury
    • Repetitive stress injuries
    • Mental stress
  4. Cashiers X
    • Robberies
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Back pain
    • Swollen feet
    • Leg pain
    • Normal exposure to colds and flu
    • Shoulder and neck pain
    • Sleep problems (if working the night shift)
  5. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides
    1. Nursing Aide X
      • Infection control
      • Back injuries
      • Hazardous materials
      • Repetitive stress injuries
    2. Psychiatric Aide X
      • Minor infections
      • Major diseases
    3. Home Health Aide X
      • Exposure to communicable diseases
      • Above average risk of infection

Occupational hazards of men’s top jobs:

  1. Construction X
    • Falls from working at height,
    • Crush injuries in excavation work,
    • Slips and trips,
    • Being struck by falling objects,
    • Moving heavy loads,
    • Bad working positions, often in confined spaces,
    • Being struck or crushed by a workplace vehicle,
    • Receiving injuries from hand tools,
    • Inhalation of dust,
    • Handling of rough materials,
    • Exposure to dangerous substances (chemical and biological),
    • Working near, in, or over water,
    • Exposure to radiation,
    • Loud noise,
    • Vibration from tools or vibrating machinery.
  2. Engineering X
    • The Operation of Plant Regulations and Approvals 
    • The Operation of Conveyors and Bulk Materials Handling Systems
    • The Operation of Winding and Lifting Plan
    • The Safe Operation of Mobile Plant
    • The Failure of Structures
    • Inadequate Operator Protection on Mobile Plant
    • Contact with Moving or Rotating Plant
    • Safe Access to Mechanical Plant and Structures
    • Inadequate Energy Dissipation and Isolation
    • The use of Fluid Power Systems
    • Circumstances Leading to Uncontrolled Fires
    • The Ignition of Flammable and Explosive Substances
    • Fire and/or Explosion Initiated by Plant in or Near Hazardous Zones or Hazardous Areas
    • The Handling, Transportation and use of Dangerous Goods
    • Exposure to Hazardous and Toxic Substances
    • Exposure to Noise, Vibration and Temperature
    • The use of Cutting and Welding Equipment
    • Working in Confined Spaces and Restricted Areas
  3. Police Officer X
    • Possibility of attack
    • Physically taxing tasks
    • Stresses of being exposed to negative events in the lives of others
    • Auto accidents while on duty either pursuing a suspect
    • Risk of being shot at or stabbed
  4. Firemen X
    • Cancer
    • Burns
    • Damage to lungs from smoke
    • Falling
    • Physical strain
  5. Electricians X
    • Exposure to lead, solvents, solder, and other toxic materials.
    • Risk of electrical burns and fatal electrical shock.
    • Increased risks of injury from working in confined spaces.
    • Exposure to toxic welding fumes and ultraviolet radiation.
    • Exposure to extreme temperatures with attendant risks of frostbite and heat stress.
    • Injury from work in awkward positions, repetitive manual tasks, and lifting heavy objects.
    • Exposure to toxic molds, fungi, and bacteria.
    • Risk of infections and diseases from exposure to bird or rodent droppings.
    • Risks of falling from working at heights.
    • Risk of eye injury from flying particles.
    • Injuries from slips, trips and falls.
    • Injuries from working with hand tools, power tools and equipment.
    • Stress and risk of increased injury from shift work or extended work days.
    • Exposure to asbestos with attendant risks of cancer and lung disease.

As you can see, the jobs men take more often have a high risk of death and serious mental stress. The jobs that women take more often have a low risk of death and have instead minors risks such as body aches and disease. From the top five jobs by gender, you can see women tend to take safer jobs while men tend to take more dangerous jobs. The danger of those jobs must be taken into account and the people working in those dangerous jobs must be compensated.

The wage gap you hear about is an average of the entire nation. It does not represent a man and a woman in the same job field. It represents every single man and every single women in the USA. That is why it is called average. As you can see, women tend to take lower paying jobs while men tend to take higher paying jobs.

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No, woman aren’t equal. I’m sexually harassed almost everyday because of my ass and breast. Equality doesn’t exist right now. So cut the bull shit.

I think you missed the point of this post. And you’re harassed? Why dont you just call the police then? Oh yeah, because you’re lying. People staring isnt harassment. Grow up.

Sick burn. Suck it up, lady – you know you stare sometimes, too.


“I need feminism because… I definitely deserve to get PAID as much as (or more than) anyone else.”

– If you are a casual worker, you do not deserve to get paid as much as the store manager. 
– If you are a high school teacher, you do not deserve to get paid as much as a university professor.
– If you are a nurse, you do not deserve to get paid as much as a doctor.
– If you are an apprentice chef, you do not deserve to get paid as much as the head chef.
– Just because you are a woman, doesn’t mean you deserve to get paid as much, or more than a man (and vice versa).

No one deserves anything, especially if the only factor contributing to that entitlement is your gender. You earn your pay. Simple as that. If you choose a lower income job, then you need to realise that you will earn a lower income than someone else who has chosen a higher income job. 

How about an example to make this more clear:

Now, is it reasonable to call that discrimination towards children? Should we stage protests and demand an intervention to ensure that parents are forced to pay their kids $11.45 for every hour that they stand at their shitty homemade lemonade stall? No, because in the situation involving the children/adults wage gap, it is so blatantly obvious that the statistic involved doesn’t disclose some really crucial information such as:
– How often do children work, compared to adults?
– How much time off do children take, compared to adults?
– How labour intensive is the work children do, compared to adults?
– Do the majority of children actively choose lower income jobs to accommodate their lifestyles, compared to adults?
– Do the majority of adults sacrifice a larger portion of their time and lifestyle to take these higher income jobs, compared to children?

So when we spew around this statistic about women earning 77c for every dollar a man makes… Why isn’t it is so blatantly obvious that the statistic involved doesn’t disclose some really crucial information such as:
– How often do women work, compared to men?
– How much time off do women take, compared to men?
– How labour intensive is the work women do, compared to men?
– Do the majority of women actively choose lower income jobs to accommodate their lifestyles, compared to the majority of men?
– Do the majority of men sacrifice a larger portion of their time and lifestyle to take these higher income jobs, compared to women?

Is this really so hard to comprehend, or are we going to blame the patriarchy again?


(PS. Most modern countries have some sort of legal watchdog that prevents and punishes discrimination in the workforce. In Australia we have what is called the Fair Work Ombudsman that gives out information and advice and informs you of your legal rights for those who find themselves in situations that involve discrimination. If you are being discriminated against in the workforce, including payment issues, these institutions will help you out. You don’t have an excuse not to ask.

Bless this post.